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    Weights for MDT ACC?

    I have a pretty standard 26" MTU profile barreled action with a Gen 2 Razor on top. I want to buy and put it in an MDT ACC and have it balance properly, but not add weight for the sake of adding weight. I'd be happy if the whole thing ended up under 20 pounds. What/how many weights should I...
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    MDT ACC weights?

    I'm planning on buying an MDT ACC for my barreled action with a 26" MTU barrel (it'll have a Gen2 Razor and CAL bipod as well). I don't want to intentionally over load it with weights and make a 30 pound rifle, but I assume I'll need some to balance it properly. From all the picture research I...
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    Need advice re: hernia

    I have an inguinal hernia. It doesn't bother me but I can tell its there. I like to lift and since I learned I had it I initially put off squatting/dead lifting but the surgeon said in my follow up visit that as long as it doesn't hurt, go for it. I squatted yesterday and I can still 'feel'...
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    Does neck tension increase over time?

    I chronoed some of my reloads I’ve had sitting for about 3 months and they were 10fps today faster today than they were when I chronoed them in the summer (it was 40° cooler today). This is also 40fps faster than the last time I chronoed them in the temp it was today. The SD went from a...
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    clicking links logs me out

    ok not the best thread title but here's my issue: In a post, someone posts a link to another thread on the hide. i click the link and it opens in a new tab. the new tab opens but i'm logged out, so if i want to click on an attachment within this new tab, I have to log back in. meanwhile i'm...
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    Analyze my shooting (video)

    Took a short video of me shooting a five shot group this morning, looking for any feed back, don't be shy. Things I see: - I lightly tap the trigger a few times before I settle into position, I assume I'm trying to perfect the placement, but once I find it I think my follow through is good...
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    Accessories FS: LaRue Harris Bipod Adapter

    FS: LaRue Harris Bipod Adapter (LT130) with *NON*-QD attachment. Smudge marks on the pictures below are from the paint on my bipod, I'm sure it would come off if you tried, but with the bipod mounted, you can't see anything. $45 shipped CONUS PP F&F.
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    Accessories sold

    SOLD pending funds FS: Atlas V8 (BT10-NC V8 with Atlas BT19 spigot mount...
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    CMMG Valkyrie?

    Anyone have any thing good, bad or otherwise to say about CMMG’s 224 valk uppers/rifles/barrels? I’m not looking to spend craddock money but don’t want a 2” gun either. Will probably just be shooting factory ammo at steel to 700 yards for fun (yes I know a 223 will do that too but I’m itching...
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    Reloading Equipment Sold

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    Brass looks funny

    Can someone explain what’s going on here with the obvious differences in brass discoloration after being fired, and if it’s anything to be concerned about: I have once fired (in my rifle) Prime 223 brass, resized with a Redding non bushing die, bumped .004. These reloads are 26.0 through 27.5...
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    Help me with my OCW, again

    Can someone help me read my OCW test here. Load info: Proof 24" 260 barrel. 200 rounds through it, cleaned just prior to today. 1x fired Starline, bumped .0015ish, BR2's, H4350 and Berger 130 Hybrid ARs. Currently at ~2.880 OAL which is about .030 off the lands. I only started with that OAL...
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    Accessories WTB: gen 1 RRS AI AT arca mount

    Looking for a gen 1 Really Right Stuff AI AT arca plate, the short one, not the full length rail.
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    Help me read my OCW

    Rifle: AI AT with brand new Proof 24” 260 barrel (had 60 rounds through it before today) Load: Virgin Starline, CCI 250, Reloader 16, Hormady 130 ELD-M. Approx .035 off the lands. Loaded up 42.3 through 43.5 in .3 grain increments. Results: I know I’m looking for similar point of impact...
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    Single round sled for AI rifle

    Is there a single round sled for a factory AI AT rifle (NOT the chassis). I emailed bobsled about a month to see if theirs works, which based on the description I doubt, and still haven’t heard back. Google searches aren’t giving me any results, but I find it hard to believe no one makes it...
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    308/learning/training/barrels etc

    I’m relatively new to this game but I bought once and cried once when I bought my AI AT. It came with the standard 24” 1:12 non threaded barrel, it’s pretty accurate, during my first 200 rounds through it I did a 5x5 with an average of .5 MOA. Then I started reading and realized I “needed” a...
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    Bullets for new barrel

    I have a new 6.5CM barrel for my AI. How does one balance buying enough bullets to last the life time of the barrel vs finding something your barrel likes? I'd hate to buy 2k bullets only to find it shoots them like crap and waste time trying to make something work.
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    Help with resizing

    I'm new to reloading but I've probably sized 500 cases and never had this happen and it happened to every one of the 100 cases I sized today. I'm referring to the donut in the neck. It's a once fired Hornady 260 resized using a FL Redding type s with a 287 bushing (no expander ball) . I...