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    SOLD Proof Research 223 AR15 16” carbon fiber barrel

    For sale a lightly used Proof Research 223 AR15 16” carbon fiber barrel. Has about 50 rounds through it. 8 twist 1lbs 11oz Mid gas length .750 gas journal diameter Threaded 1/2-28 Sold No trades please
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    SOLD Proof Research 308 AR10 18” Carbon Barrel

    For sale a lightly used Proof Research 308 AR10 18” carbon fiber barrel. Has about 70 rounds through it. 10 twist 2lbs 9oz Rifle gas length .875 gas journal diameter Threaded 5/8x24 Also have a SLR Sentry 8 clamp on adjustable gas block melonite finish and rifle length gas tube that were on...
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    SOLD XLR Tactical AR Buttstock

    Want to sell a lightly used XLR Tactical AR Buttstock. Sold No trades please
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    SOLD JP MK III Modular Hand Guard RC 12.5"

    Want to sell a lightly used JP EnterPrises MK III Modular Hand Guard Rapid Configuration Rifle Length (12.5" OAL). Comes with the 12” tactical top rail, 2” bottom rail for bipod, and QD sling mount. Hand guard tool and directions also included. Sold No trades please
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    For sale a lightly used original Mega Arms Maten Billet Reciever Set. (Large Frame .308). This is a pre Zev Tech set that are no longer produced. I have a couple other sets in use so this has just been sitting in the safe. Has some very light wear marks from being used at the range but only...
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    For sale new in box Mega Arms Maten Billet Upper Receiver. Sold No trades please
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    SOLD WTS: Manners EH1A Stock Elite Hunter SA w/ Gen 2 Mini-Chassis Remington 700.

    Looking to sell a like new Manners EH1A Elite Hunter SA w/ Gen 2 Mini-Chassis stock. Scorched Earth Remington 700 Inlet Short Action PROOF Carbon Fiber Sendero Inlet Elite Hunter Shell (100% Carbon Fiber) Manners Gen 2 DBM Mini-Chassis 1" Pachmayer Decelerator Pad Atlas Pic Rail 2 Flush Cups...
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    SOLD Hawkins 35mm Medium height (1”) Ultra-light tactical scope rings New

    Want to sell new in box Hawkins 35mm Medium (1") Ultra-light tactical scope rings. Come standard with an anti-cant level cap. Sold No trades please
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    SOLD WTS: Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 H59

    Looking to sell my Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44 Horus H59 reticle non-illuminated first focal plane scope. (Model: 173298) Has a rub mark on the ocular part of the scope body and some wear on the turrets, other than that the glass is perfect and the scope is in excellent shape. Currently has...
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    For sale new in box Mega Arms Maten Billet Upper Receiver. Bought it for a new project that’s not going to happen. Sold
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    SOLD Manners EH4 with Gen 1 Mini Chassis Remington 700/Clones SA.

    Looking to sell a very lightly used Manners EH4 stock with gen 1 mini chassis DBM in OD green and right handed. Went on one hunt so a couple very faint marks. The barrel channel has been opened up for a Proof sendero. 2 sling studs in front, 2 flush cups on left, right, and bottom. Specs...
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    SOLD WTS: Bighorn Origin SA Standard BH

    Like new Bighorn Origin Short Action, Right Hand, Standard (.308) Bolt Face, Tactical Bolt Knob, 20 moa Rail. Only 100 rounds fired of 6.5 CM. Also comes with the Hunts Longrange Origin 0.150 Recoil Lug if you want to use a TL3/SR3 barrel with it. $950 shipped Your FFL must accept transfers...
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    SOLD WTS: 150 pieces of Hornady 6.5 PRC Brass 1x Fired

    Looking to sell 150 pieces of 1x fired Hornady 6.5 PRC brass. Primers have been removed and all brass in excellent condition. $160 shipped No trades please
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    SOLD WTS: Proof Research carbon TL3/SR3 300 wsm pre-fit barrel

    Brand new never mounted Proof Research carbon fiber TL3/SR3 300 wsm pre-fit shouldered barrel in 24”. 1:10 twist and for short actions only. Was planning on a new build but plans have changed. Not looking for any trades at this time. Sold
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    SOLD Proof SS 6.5 CM 22” Bighorn Origin Pre-fit Barrel

    22” Proof Research stainless steel Bighorn Origin Pre-fit in medium sporter contour. 1:8 twist. It is also threaded 9/16x24 at the muzzle and is Cerakoted graphite black. Comes with Hawkins thread protector. No trades please Perfect for light weight hunting rifle In excellent condition only...
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    SOLD Manners EH4 with BDL Mini Chassis

    Looking to sell a lightly used Manners EH4 Remington 700 short action with BDL Mini Chassis in coyote tan and comes with Sunny Hill BDL bottom metal, spring, follower, and magazine box. $600 shipped. PayPal F&F This stock was originally sized for a factory Remington hunting/sporting barrel...
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    SOLD Sold: Nightforce Top Ring Bubble Level 30mm

    Sold: Like new Nightforce Bubble Level 30mm 4 screw (A128) Only used for a few range trips and has been sitting in my safe. $55 shipped NF uni-mount: sold
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    Optics Sold: Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50

    Sold: Like new Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 C431 MOAR reticle Illuminated .250 MOA adjustments No Zerostop Will also include an NXS throw lever (A288) for an additional $50 $1,300 shipped Only used at the range a few times and spent most of its life in the gun safe.
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    Reloading Equipment Sold: Nosler 300 WBY Brass

    I have a box of 50 unopened Nosler 300 WBY mag brass and 90 once fired Nosler 300 WBY mag pieces of brass for sale. Sold paypal f&f No trades please
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    Accessories Sold: Proof CF 6.5 PRC 22” Savage Pre-fit

    Sold WTS like new with less than 50 rounds Proof Research carbon fiber barrel in 6.5 PRC savage pre-fit. Changed my mind on calibers so no longer need this. Specs below: 22” length Savage small shank 7.5 twist Muzzle threaded 5/8 x 24 No trades please, PayPal f&f