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    Rifle Scopes What mount did you use on your 34mm glass?

    I have some glass incoming with a 34mm main tube. I didn't think finding rings or a unimount would be such a pain, but it has been. I didn't want anything over 1.2 inches off the rail, and that seemingly limits me down to just a few items. So, what did you use. The objective lens is 50mm or...
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    Rifle Scopes vertical adjustment on a Bushnell DMR 3.5-21x50?

    Am I reading it right, 50 inches of adjustment at 100 yards, which is 4 feet, 2 inches? I was kind of confused as it seems to read 14.5 meters at 100 meters right next to it. Assuming .34 inches per click, would I assume it has 150 clicks of adjustment? Bushnell - DMR 3.5-21x 50mm
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    Rifle Scopes Where to find the best price on a....

    Bushnell Elite 3.5-21x50 DMR with G2 reticle (34mm main tube). Haven't found any locally, and will need to get one in and mounted by March 1. Thanks in advance.
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    Any Savage LRP owners think your trigger is the weakest link? Have you changed yours?

    Having put 300 rounds through my LRP now, I can honestly say the trigger seems to be the weakest component. I have 27 instances where my trigger pull was not fast enough to effectively reset the trigger and a slight living of the bolt, and reset and you are good to go. I have a slow and...
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    Aftermarket stocks for a Tikka T3 SA

    I have a T3 stainless in 308 and am thinking about making a custom gun with it, but my biggest hangup has been finding a stock that will accommodate it. I know the Whiskey chassis from KRG has a great reputation, but are there others that are similar I should consider? I have looked into...
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    Rifle Scopes Best glass for shooting out to 600 yards under $900?

    I took on a bet with a friend that I could not source an unmodified factory rifle, mount, base and scope for under $2000 that could hold 1 moa at 5-600 yards. I like to bet, and had confidence, so I took him up on it. This is where I currently am: 260 rem Savage 12 LRT, night force 20 moa base...