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    Tikka T3 Thread

    Possibly wrong info. Do you have the tactical or CTR? The tactical uses standard magazines, whereas the CTR uses the ones provided in the link. If you share a picture of your rifle, we could confirm.
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    Defiance Tenacity vs Bighorn Origin

    The current tenacity uses the same prefit as the ruckus
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    Here's a Grayboe in a CTR inlet
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    Tikka T3 Thread

    Grayboe also makes one. I prefer the lever of the Grayboe option. The Mt Tactical lever is in a horrible location.
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    Sig Cross

    I have an 18" 6cm barrel from Dave. It came headspaced, with the barrel extension installed.
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    Bolt slide over Feeding issues

    The box should wiggle up and down slightly. If it's not, you could have other issues. Put the spring in the right place, and stake it or put a glob of jb weld to act as a stop so the spring won't slide forward.
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    6mm creedmoor short barrel

    I have an 18" on my Sig cross. By "luck" what are you referring to. It shoots well, and was used to drop a mule deer by my son a few weeks ago, albeit with a 108 grain bullet.
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    New Sig CROSS

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    New Sig CROSS

    My son with his Idaho doe shot with my 6cm. The adjustable LOP and cheeck rest are great for the kiddos.
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    New Sig CROSS

    It was a barrel I know he had on hand. Not sure about yours. I had my barrel in 8 weeks.
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    New Sig CROSS

    I don't know precisely. It was one Dave had on hand when I ordered- a Kreiger in a contour slightly smaller than factory.
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    New Sig CROSS

    Had my Tooley-barreled 6cm out the last couple of weekends. The thing is a hoot to shoot. Very minimal recoil, and accuracy you'd expect from one of his barrels.
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    Tikka 223 T3X varmint bottom metal?

    I've had atlasworxs, Grayboe and Mountain tactical AICS bottom metals. All require a stock to be inletted for them, or use a CTR stock. I much prefer the grayboe over them all, followed by the atlasworx. The mtn tac had issues, so I wouldn't recommend it. I also have modified a number of...
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    WTB Sig Kilo3000 BDX LRF Binos
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    Terminus in a a Side Chick?

    There is the new mdt htr26 chassis. 31oz in the folder configuration. A bit more expensive than the side chick.
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    New Sig CROSS

    Just received my 6mm Creed barrel from Tooley. Just waiting on getting my rifle back from the recall, and I'll swap it out. Can't wait!
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    Gunsmithing Modifying a carbon stock

    Paint yes. Gelcoat no.
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    Gunsmithing Modifying a carbon stock

    You don't need to seal it. Most of the stock manufacturers just paint over the areas they cut. Do the same, and rock on.
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    Tikka T3 Thread

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    Cheek Riser for Seekins Element

    Call them. They'll sell it separately.