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  1. Palmershunter

    Night Vision What is this?

    I recently got this as part of a kit. I’m not sure if it’s complete, how to turn on or if it is operational. Any ideas would be great. Mike
  2. Palmershunter

    Feedback 1badbarrel is GTG

    Good communications, packaging and shipping
  3. Palmershunter

    Rimfire HK mp5 22 (SOLD)

    HK mp5 22 with a couple boxes through it and 4 mags. My son wants a 455 precision trainer like mine so he has this for sale or trade towards 455 precision trainer. $400
  4. Palmershunter

    NIB Nikon prostaff spotter 16-48, Hog Saddle, tripod combo

    I have a new Nikon prostaff 16-48 spotter $275 shipped for spotter only Used Hog Saddle Used tripod Combo $625 shipped I will only split if spotter sells first
  5. Palmershunter

    Tikka ctr mountain tactical bm(SOLD)

    I have a mounted but never used mountain tactical bottom metal $150 shipped
  6. Palmershunter

    Bigpig069 is GTG

    Great to deal with good communication and delivery.
  7. Palmershunter

    Range Report .30 180 Accubond bc

    I have a 300wsm tikka t3 that shoots a 180 accubond at 2950. Using ballistic g1 calculations on my iPhone I am 3 to 4 moa low out to 1100 based on a 100 yard zero. Scope tracks fine. Not sure what's up here other calibers data are fine. Any ideas?