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    CZ 600 Rifle Recall

    So a switch barrel rifle that you can't switch barrels on after the recall? Should have stuck with the Mauser actions.
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    Hunting Rifle Light, Fast, and Quality

    2021 prices. My favorite rings are Badger Steel. Nothing is going to move. Yes top of the line rings may cost as much as a lower end rifle. Budget rings are a premium box of ammo. Warne, Seekens, Burris are all good inexpensive rings.
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    Are the FN SPR enthusiasts extinct?

    Nice A3G.
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    Hunting Rifle Light, Fast, and Quality

    Do NOT get cheap no name rings. Warne Maxima rings are very good quality for the money and the cheapest I have experience running. They work.
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    Hunting Rifle Light, Fast, and Quality

    Low most likely.
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    Remington 700 7mm Rem mag

    Vld also can shoot at .050+ off the lands. I also had a 300 am sendero with the porn star throat option and that thing would shoot the VLDs sub moa loaded to max mag length. It was .1 off the lands.
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    I made a stock

    This is awesome. Love how you used the ARC chassis as a mini chassis to make it work.
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    Blueprint or custom action for Remington 700?

    All you need to do it adjust your sear engagement. Either call the trigger manufacturer or google it.
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    Scope for FN SPR...

    Yes I did. Also lifetime warrenty. I'm not upset about the replacement scope at all. Just the run around and straight up dishonesty on shipping the replacement. Total time from sending in the old one to recieving the replacement was 5 weeks. 3 weeks after they said they where shipping a...
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    Scope for FN SPR...

    Welp, scope for here today. It is not a XRS g2 but a G1. I'm fine with that. It also has some minor scuffs and the zero stop was set so not new, but I'm ok with that as well. I told them I would take a demo. I think I am going to like the H59 reticle. Bushnell CS gets a C for a grade from me...
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    Scope for FN SPR...

    Still no scope from bushnell.... Over a week late.
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    In pursuit of making an impact ♠️

    Tac Ops. Done.
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    Troubleshooting Help for Finicky Barrel and Unexplained Flier

    I recently had a scope win a mid range match with a few moderate fliers, nothing horrible just not where I thought they should have been. Next time I shot it 3" groups. Checked everything, rings, mount, barrel cleaned, and tries again. Random shotgun groups. Put my other scope on and back to .5...
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    Troubleshooting Help for Finicky Barrel and Unexplained Flier

    When glass bedding did you fully bed the recoil lug? Have you tries higher torque on the action screws? Weird that my SPR also has a inlett that looks like it was done by a emotional support animal as well. It's also bedded now but it's a legit .5 MOA rifle.
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    Too Many Barrels... I Am Lost

    White oaks is amazingly good. Looks like their SDM 16" would stick almost all the boxes. Its 2.13 pounds is the only bad. But it's in stock.
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    Scope for FN SPR...

    That's kind of what I thought. Et4305 is the elite tac 4.5x30. All in all, if i get anything xrs i will be happy. I dont expect a upgrade to the latest and greatest, just a functioning optic of equal quality to what I bought.
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    Scope for FN SPR...

    Bushnell got back with me and said they are sending a G2 XRS out for me. Hopefully it's what it is. The model number they gave me is et4305 doesnt come up as a XRS. Guess I'll find out Wednesday.
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    Ring brand survey

    Badger or Warne. Badger for rifles that will get abused. Bog scopes and hard work. Warne for lighter use rifles, but they are on my FN SPR holding a XRS scope. The horizontal split ones ONLY. I am contemplating getting a MPA mount.
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    Sig Kilo 6k HD

    Agreed. I'm also interested in these for hunting. Haven't been able to find a good reciew yet.
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    Scope for FN SPR...

    I didnt even think about that.