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    Firearms Remington 700 Barreled Action

    Stainless 700 action I bought new. Jig tested and straight. Criterion varmint in 243 match. Timney 510 trigger. Load data and brass. Nightforce rail. AAC brake. Nice shooting and ready. 800.00 net to your ffl.
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    Accessories AAC and Badger Brakes.

    Two AAC single port brakes. 30 cal., one new, one may be used. Perfect. 5/8 24. 60.00 ea One AAC 1/2” 28 224 cal., 51T flash hider. New 75.00 Two Badger brakes. One new.224, one .030 barely used, 50/45.00 10.00 priority mail insured at 100.00
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD 52gr. SMK

    500 box. 140.00 delivered with hand full from last box.
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    Accessories Galco NSA Single stack

    Never broke in. Someone would like to have this. 30.00 delivered USPO Priority.
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    Optics Pentax Spotting Scope

    PF 80 ED. Straight. Perfect, about new. Comes with cover. 400.00 Same with 20mm Pentax extra wide angle eye piece( makes 28x on this). 600.00 Bogen 3021, 3047 head and Manfroto quick change mount free if you buy the combo Just pay shipping.
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    Accessories WTB; ALG Defense 12"AR 15 Handgard

    Please pm me with what you have. I need physically undamaged, not necessarily new.
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    Accessories SOLD Kestral

    Sportsman with link. Wind vane kit. Unused condition, about new. 295.00 shipped priority mail.
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    Accessories Criterion Match 243 Remmage Barrel

    CBi 26”, 8 twist varmint profile with muzzle threads Ordered thru Northland. Will include barrel nut. Un altered. 500 rds. Fired. I sold the last one with 1500 rds., was still reliable. 250.00 plus shipping. 100 pcs. Lapua brass comes with.
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    Firearms SOLD Dan Wesson Vigil 9mm

    Dan Wesson 4.25” 9mm. A Lightweight Commander type pistol. Checkering and night sights. No foreward serrations. No mim . Dam near new condition. 1050. Packaged, Net. Individual to your ffl. by your choice carrier on your dime. Will include two extra mags I bought for it.
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    Accessories Manners T6A

    700 SA. Cups, two left two Rt. Three studs. LOP option with spacers. Mini chassis. Sendero inlet cleaned up in one invisible spot for Criterion Varmint. Has Velcro two rd. Holder. Excellent and pretty condition. 800.00 net.
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    Accessories Bladetech Springfield XDM 4.5

    As new fit perfect. Sold pistol. 55.00 delivered
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    Optics Leupold 3-9 ILL. TMR

    About new, no disappointment. 3-9, 1/10 Mill, TMR with firedot. Daylight visible. Mounted like butter in Seekins rings, likely no marks. 475.00
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    Accessories Criterion 243 Match

    26”, 8tw. Heavy varmint. Match chamber seats 105 Berger hybrid .020 off at 2.865”. 500 rds fired. Barrel nut, brake, ready to install on your Remington 700. 350.00
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    Firearms Remington / Criterion barreled Action 243 Match

    Stainless action I bought new with Criterion 26” 8twist Varmint profile. 243 Winchester chambered for 105 hybrids and 500 rds fired. Action is straight and smooth from new. Complete barreled action with Timney 510 trigger. 850.00 Actual postage to your ffl on you.
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    Reloading Equipment SOLD Redding 243 Die Set

    Redding Premium die set. 243 Winchester. Redding # 66114. Full length set with micrometer seater, floating / removable bushing. 110.00 delivered.
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    Reloading Equipment SOLDLapua 243 Brass

    Two sealed box’s of 100. 100.00 each plus postage.
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    Accessories Nightforce Scope Mount

    RS 20MOA. 80.00 shipped.
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    Accessories AICS Five rd. Mags

    Two 5rd. AICS mags, no filler plate. Genuine mags , wire edm welds cut from the inside. To the finish! Outstanding and less than the work at 100.00 for the pair.
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    Ammo SOLD-10mm DT Hunter

    Two box’s, 100 rds. 200gr. Hard cast solids. 120.00 shipped.
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    Accessories Sold 243 barrel

    Criterion 243 Match Remmage varmint profile. 8tw.,25”. Threaded 5/8-24. 1500 rds and pulled still shooting. 100.00.