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  1. Jackomason

    Sig P320 X compact, RMR cut?

    I've had this P320 X Compact for less than a month now. I know that Sig is known for stealth releasing new generations without ever calling them the new generation. I'm fine with that strategy as long as I can figure out what I'm looking at! Looks like they listened to the customer base on...
  2. Jackomason

    Sig P320 X Compact vs Walther PDP Compact

    I'm looking at getting a new handgun for concealed carry. I got hooked on the P320 X Compact when I picked one up a scheels a few months back but as I get closer to buying one I keep seeing the PDP pop up in conversation. The feature set on both seems great with the modularity of the 320 and...
  3. Jackomason

    Suppressors Rusty Nuts Design TBAC compatible brake

    Has anyone had a chance to try one of these? At $75 it's hard to over look. It's obviously not a TBAC product but I ordered one and plan to proceed with caution. Very curious how well it matches the factory TBAC CB. I'll...
  4. Jackomason

    Magnetospeed v3 issues

    Hey guys, I'm having some issues and kinda second guessing my purchase. I'm generally not the buyers remorse type but I'm feeling it this time lol. So this is my second V3, the first one had a hardware issue but CS was on point and got things figured out pretty quick. Now I've got this new...
  5. Jackomason

    Suppressors Dominus CB first shots

    Just got out with the family for the first time with the Dominus CB. There really isn't much for (theatrical) video out there of the Dominus so I figured I'd do my part and show this baby in action! I'll give my opinions another time but here's a little bit of me getting familiar with it.
  6. Jackomason

    Suppressors Shooting suppressed around neighbors

    Well I've just about got my can in hand and I've gotten to thinking again about the freedoms and capabilities it'll bring. There is some property on the edge of an HOA that I'd like to shoot on once I get my dominus. The closest neighbors are approximately 200+ yards away in the opposite...
  7. Jackomason

    Accessories WTS: KRG Bravo 700 sa **SOLD**

    KRG Bravo with Annex deffence/ Deffy 4" arca plate and Atlas pic rail. Asking **SOLD** Shipped. PayPal friends. Edit: thanks for the interest guys, I've gotten a lot of questions about the paint. Here is a link with some info about how I painted it...
  8. Jackomason

    New years resolution

    Hey guys! What's your new years resolution this year? Mine is a bit different. I'm trying to break a mind set! This year, I'm not going to buy ANY gear! Of course the caveat is that if something breaks I'll replace it (if I need to). I hope to only buy ammo and shoot what I have, with the...
  9. Jackomason

    Uniform flash holes?

    I've been shooting Peterson 6.5cm brass SR primer. After I fired them all once, I went to resize and something felt off. I got 10 cases in before realizing the flash holes were being opened up by the decapping pin. Normally I wouldn't be asking about this and I'd just accept it but as of...
  10. Jackomason

    CADEX: New comp Chassis

    Looks like Cadex is trying to get into the comp world. I'm not sure I'd drop the ACC but I bet this thing is great quality. Thoughts?
  11. Jackomason

    (Help) 7 SAUM barrel specs

    Hey guys, my build is coming up on its "final" evolution. What I'm hoping for is a short action ELR rig. It doesn't really need to do anything else in this configuration. Here's what I'm working with if that matters: As of now I have a 224v barrel and a 6.5 creed barrel. What I'm wanting...
  12. Jackomason

    DIY wind training target

    Hoping to set this target up at the 500 and see how it holds up. The middle is 3.5" wide so it's close. It's from a grader blade so they are all wedge shaped but it's fine for my redneck range and I should find out pretty quick if it's hard enough. Straps will be 2" fire hose. I'll update...
  13. Jackomason

    S21 Ultra Video Test

    Here is a quick video I made using my new phone. At first I figured the zoom would be just a novelty but at 20x it seems to catch everything you'd want. At least At 516 yards like in this case. 100x photo is pretty much useless. Looks like water color painting haha. The s21 has a msrp...
  14. Jackomason

    (Poll) Reloading precision ammo on a Dillon

    My wife just got me a new Dillon 550c as a gift. Defiantly no input from me hahaha. I plan to make a video series on my journey with this press exploring some of the different methods people have been using to get single stage accuracy out of their progressive presses. So out of curiosity...
  15. Jackomason

    body mechanics and stock/chassis choice

    I'm trying to help my friend build a new hunting rifle. the idea is a light weight build that would extend his capabilities. I took him out shooting yesterday and was a little surprised. I know my rifle doesnt fit everyone else but heres what happened. he got down in the prone and I got him...
  16. Jackomason

    AO precision BCG?

    does anyone have experience with AO precision? I got one of their BCGs because it was in-stock and didnt cost an arm and a leg. a quick google search had me feeling ok about my choice but i was just doing some dry fire and noticed this. havent put any rounds through it yet. should this worry...
  17. Jackomason

    suppressor ban!? (April 2021)

    This is the only things Ive seen on this topic so far, what do you guys think? is it coming? Im still learning the system here in the states but from what I can tell the senate isnt going to be much of a help. I need comforting 😄 mostly because my first can is in jail right now and its a Tbac...
  18. Jackomason

    cerakote a barrel (no action) need tips

    Ive been trying to figure out how to cerakote a couple barrels without the action. this is for a few reasons, 1. is that my oven is 29" max so id need to take the action off. 2. Ive got two barrels for the same action so i dont want to paint it twice. how would you protect the shoulder from...
  19. Jackomason

    How to get it level...?

    guys, I'm at a loss... how do i get this thing level?
  20. Jackomason

    whos making the Revic Hunter tripod?

    just saw this... what is there to know about it? its coming in crazy cheap...