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  1. One1Bravo

    Optics WTS/WTT Leica PRS 5-30 w/ PRB reticle

    Like new, great condition. Comes with factory box and paperwork. Also has Tenebraex caps. Sphur or level not included. May consider trades for firearms, precision rimfire rifles and/or ammo, partial trades for 6mm bullets, 45-70 components/factory loaded ammo, or NV/thermal. $2300 shipped and...
  2. One1Bravo

    SOLD WTS Kestrel 5700 Elite AB with Link

    Like new. Has barely even seen the outdoors. Used twice at a covered range. I bought this with the intention of getting into PRS and it's just not in the cards for me. 80% sure I still have the box and paperwork but no promises. I do have the lanyard and storage pouch. $550 shipped and insured...
  3. One1Bravo

    SOLD FOUND NX8 1-8, Razor 1-6, or Delta Stryker 1-6

    Looking for a NX8 1-8, Razor 1-6, or Delta Stryker 1-6. Preference in that order. Mil not MOA. Please PM all offers.
  4. One1Bravo

    Left Hand Sale WTB Lefty KMW Sentinel

    May be a long shot but if anyone has a lefty KMW Sentinel they want to get rid of please let me know. R700/TL3/Impact SA DBM w/ IMB
  5. One1Bravo

    WTB WTB Lefty Vudoo V22 or 360

    Anyone have a lefty they're looking to get rid of? Would consider a barreled action or complete rifle. Please PM all offers. Thanks for looking.
  6. One1Bravo

    Keystone Accuracy Has RimX Bartleins in Stock!

    Posting this per John's request. Looks like he finally got some Bartlein RimX barrels in stock.
  7. One1Bravo

    WTB FOUND ARC M-Brace Mount

    Looking for the one piece mount, not rings. 34MM, 1.26in height, 20 or 10 MOA. Please PM me with what you have. Thanks for looking.
  8. One1Bravo

    WTB FOUND NF ATACR 4-16 or 4-20

    In the 4-16 I'd prefer the x42 but we consider the x50. Mil-C is my reticle preference followed by Mil-XT then Mil-R. Please PM all offers. Thanks for looking.
  9. One1Bravo

    Reloading Equipment SPF WTS/WTT NIB Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor SRP brass

    Looking to trade two unopened boxes (200 pieces) of Lapua SRP 6.5 Creedmoor brass for new Lapua 6BR brass. Will sell, but only both boxes together. $215 shipped.
  10. One1Bravo

    Compact to Midsize SUV Recommendations

    Currently in a '16 Ford Explorer and I fucking hate it. 2000s tech, underwhelming driving experience, and not the most comfortable. Only thing I like about it is the space. The last couple weeks I've been looking at '17-'19 "luxury" compact and midsized SUVs. Right now the Jaguar F-Pace 35t is...
  11. One1Bravo

    Reloading Equipment SOLD Alpha Dasher Brass

    ~420 pieces. 3x fired. $200 shipped. Will trade for new Peterson Dasher brass.
  12. One1Bravo

    Which Micrometer Seater Die?

    I usually use Whidden and like them well enough, but occasionally they are not consistent with the seating depth. Just wondering what everyone else uses and if it'd be worth trying something different. Forster and Redding seem to be the two major players. SAC has their universal die but I'm not...
  13. One1Bravo

    Reloading Equipment WTS Whidden 6XC Click to Adjust Full Length Bushing Die Set

    Like new, haven't even used the sizer. Also comes with 115gr DTAC seating stem. $200 shipped.
  14. One1Bravo

    WTB WTB Alpha or Lapua 6.5 Creedmoor SRP brass

    Looking for new preferably. 100-300 pieces. Will consider once fired. Will purchase or trade for 6XC Alpha brass.
  15. One1Bravo

    Accessories SOLD Proof SS 6 Dasher Impact Prefit

    Competition contour. Brand new, never mounted. $475 shipped.
  16. One1Bravo

    Left Hand Sale SPF Deadline Ultimatum 6.5 PRC BA

    Left-Hand Ultimatum Deadline barreled action with 26" Kreiger 6.5 PRC barrel (30 rounds down the barrel), TriggerTech Diamond flat. Barrel work was done by John Scandale at Keystone Accuracy. He has all the measurements for this action and can spin up any prefit barrel you desire. This is hands...
  17. One1Bravo

    SOLD WTS Athlon Ares ETR APRS1 or Cronus APRS

    All are in great condition and come with factory box and paper. 1. SOLD Minox ZP5 MR4 (black box)- This is a black box model but has no issues. Comes with Aadland caps and throw lever. $2100 shipped. 2. SOLD Athlon Cronus BTR Gen. 2 APRS6 MIL- Very little use on this one, has seen one range...
  18. One1Bravo

    Optics Traded: Minox ZP5 MR4

    I have two of these and absolutely love them. They are black box models but have no issues. One with Aadland caps/throw lever and one has Tenebrex caps. Looking to trade one for an ATACR F1 5-25 Mil-XT, Kahles K525i RSW SKMR3 or SKMR4, or Leica PRS PRB. Not interested in selling but if you...
  19. One1Bravo

    Accessories SOLD 6 Dasher Impact Prefit

    MTU contour Bartlein chambered by Paradigm Gunworx. Cheap black spray finish that shows use. 1000 rounds on the barrel fired by the previous owner. I bought this in a bundle with some brass and won't be using it. Muzzle threaded 3/4x24. 27.5" total length. $225 shipped to you.
  20. One1Bravo

    WTB WTB Foundation ARCA Rail

    In need of a Foundation ARCA or one compatible with Foundation. Figured I'd check with the fine folks here before I order direct. Please PM all offers, thank you.