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  1. littlepod

    Accessories XLR Buttstock Weights - $50 shipped

    I have the weights from the JV Kit that I never used. $50 shipped. Saves you $10 and saves you shipping.
  2. littlepod

    MPA Competition Side Rails on an XLR Envy?

    Has anyone tried to get this to fit? I heard that it might sit too low and interfere with the bipod from sliding, but then I heard it might fit if you put the bipod on first, and install the rail you might get it to sit higher.
  3. littlepod

    Vudoo w/ Eley Ammo

    Rifle - Vudoo 360 with a 22" Benchmark chambered by Vudoo (Ravage Chamber) XLR Envy Pro I had my mags filed down slightly at the lip to not get any catches on the Eley ammo. I am not sure if it was necessary or not, but I figure I might as well get prepared. I also had Vudoo send me the Eley...
  4. littlepod

    SOLD Looking for a Vortex Recon Monocular

    Looking for a Vortex Recon Monocular to help with setting up for local matches. Let me know if you have one. Thanks!
  5. littlepod

    SOLD XLR Envy Pro R700 SA, Folder, Internal Weights, Wiebad Mini Stock Pad - $950 Shipped

    I have an XLR Envy Pro from last year, but before they did the adjustable mag latch. Originally it did not fit the aluminum mags from Vudoo so I sent my magazine in to them and this is custom milled to fit the Aluminum mag perfectly. Aluminum and Poly mags lock up perfectly in this, along with...
  6. littlepod

    Accessories WTT: 3 Poly Vudoo Mags for 1 12-round Aluminum

    I want another 12-round aluminum mag as a backup as that's my primary mag. Anyone looking to offload one of theirs? I got 3 poly mags to trade (2 unused, 1 barely used).
  7. littlepod

    SOLD Innorel RT90C, Anvil-30 Custom Plate, Anvil-30 Package

    Here's a package, that is custom made, but I can keep the parts that people don't want... Innorel RT90C - $300 (I have all the original bowl, spiked feet, bags, packaging for this) Midwest Anvil-30 Adapter Plate - $90 Anvil-30 - $380 Cole-tac leggings, custom made to fit these, special order -...
  8. littlepod

    SOLD MDT Ckye Pod Double Pull RRS BTC Arca Pic RH (Left Knob) - $700 - NEW

    Brand new, never used. Took it out to inspect it but I noticed it was a bit too tall still for me. $700 shipped.
  9. littlepod

    SOLD 3M Peltor TEP-300

    These don't fit well in my ear so I'm going to sell them. I put them on charge yesterday and it seems like it is fully functional but I don't have extensive testing on them. They last throughout a full day match and I plug them back into the USB-C over night. I've used them about 4 times, I...
  10. littlepod

    SOLD 3M Peltor TEP-300 - $315

    I picked these up and have used them in a few matches but they don't quite fit me the way I want as I think my ear canals are just to small and they stick out a little bit. My friend's fit their ears perfectly well but my ears not so much. I'll probably switch to some custom molded ones...
  11. littlepod

    Midas+ higher BC than Center-X?

    So this one is a odd one - I've always thought and I think the word around town is Midas+ is just the more consistent Center-X. But since I swapped to Midas+ I've been having issues with my Kestrel lining up. I've been shooting Center-X for 2 years, running the Center-X AB Custom Curve and...
  12. littlepod

    SOLD ARC Xylo Fully Loaded - SOLD

    Fully Loaded Package - ARC Xylo - $1099 Internal Weight x 3 - $132 ARCA Spigot - $99 External Weights x 2 pairs - $88 Xylo Barrel Shroud - $39 Larger Xylo Grip - $65 Area 419 Barricade Stop - $40 Extra mag latch (diff length shorter) - $35 Custom Fore-End Mirage Shield - $45 Custom Cheek Rest...
  13. littlepod

    SOLD Spuhr SP-6601 - 36mm 20moa 1.18 Height - $330

    Spuhr 6601 for sale. Barely used as I switched to a 6602 for height to clear an enclosed fore-end. All the screws and the wedge. I don't have the model box for it so it'll be in another one of my Spuhr boxes. $330 Shipped.
  14. littlepod

    WTB Grayops Magnetospeed Mount

    Anyone have one of these and looking to part with it? About to order one - already have a QD mount/Arca clamp for it, so just need the Magnetospeed V3 mount only. Thanks!
  15. littlepod

    SOLD Magnetospeed v3 Wiser Carbon Fiber Mount

    I am going to upgrade to the Grayops mount, so selling my Magnetospeed Wiser Mount. $90 shipped w/ the standard pic rail attachment
  16. littlepod

    Accessories WTT: ADM 170s for Area 419 / Grayops Arca Clamp

    I have an ADM 170-s QD picatinny clamp and looking to swap to an ARCA clamp as I don't run picatinny anymore. Anyone in an opposite situation and want to trade? I can throw in cash on my side to make up the difference. Thanks!
  17. littlepod


    Baby on the way so I won't be shooting for a while and sold my Ultimatum Deuce action. Just got this ACC in from MDT and took it out of the box for pictures. This is brand new, not factory seconds. Buyer can choose whether they want the MDT Vertical Grip Premier OR the Elite. I personally...
  18. littlepod

    SOLD MDT Ckye Pod Triple Pull RH (Left Arca Knob) Gen 2

    Baby coming soon so no field matches for at least a year, so going to sell this for now. Mounted it and played with it in my garage so there's a little rub on the arca clamp but the legs are pristine. This thing's a beast though... $800 Shipped.
  19. littlepod

    SOLD New Ckye Pod Double Pull RH (Left Knob) Arca/Pic Clamp

    Just got a new Ckye Pod Double Pull but also I have a baby on the way so I don't think I'll be doing NRL Hunter stuff this year, so going to sell it for now. Took it out just for pictures, never used. $725 shipped
  20. littlepod

    Lapua Testing - Midas vs Center-X

    Hey everyone, wanted to do a group poll on people who got tested at the Lapua Testing Center to see how Midas compared to CX and when you might have chosen Midas, even though Midas is 30% more expensive. Vudoo Gen 1.2, Ace Barrel 18" Kukri Midas+ 50m Midas+ 100m Center-X 50m Center-X 100m...