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  1. diggler1833

    Is lvl 4 armor worth it?

    I swore up and down after a couple of deployments that I'd only wear a pair of eye pro, gloves, boots, a boonie, and a frigging jock if I got my choice in PPE to take into battle...but I was never shot, let alone shot in the E-SAPI maybe my thoughts would be different if I had. Add...
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    surprising vehicle costs per year report

    Difference between a BMW and a porcupine? On a porcupine, the pricks are on the outside.
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    Embarrassed to ask this…

    Great for barrel break-in and initial zero.
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    6.5 grendel

    Everything that gets shot in one of my ARs gets a light crimp with a Lee Factory Crimp Die. If I were getting crap accuracy, I'd reconsider using it, but I've yet to have a rifle that wouldn't shoot MOA or better (except for one BA barrel).
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    Arizona Wendy’s worker knocks out elderly customer with sucker punch

    "I'd like a vanilla frosty and $3.2M settlement please."
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    Questions from Oklahoma members.

    Good luck on the move. Hope you can build the range you want. Renting a small house out in rural Eastern Oklahoma is risky. Not that all rental tenants are trash out here...but it is a 50/50 at absolute best. Your idea to flip would probably be the wiser route.
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    Ok Muppets. Even after decades of shooting, I'm still evolving.

    Shooting a braked rifle among a bunch of hunters is kind of a dick move. I've done it, and I'll avoid doing it again as much as I can...even though all of us wear over the ear electronic muffs. 98% of my hunting is done alone, so I'm not offending anyone. If it were the other way around, I'd...
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    Ok Muppets. Even after decades of shooting, I'm still evolving.

    By the time I retired, we still weren't using any kind of suppressor for general issue in line companies. I never got to experience any pros/cons regarding combat operations, or even live fire exercises where everyone was using one. So my perspective is limited to what I do now (hog control)...
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    Reloading and gun storage in a shed

    I reload in my shop (insulated, no A/C) here in Oklahoma. Since my conditions are less than favorable, I store all of my bullets and brass in my shop, and my powder and primers in my safe room back in the house. I will go so far as to throw powder charges on my dining room table and then...
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    Bolt gun for the wife

    This is why I went with a *gulp* Savage last year. Accufit stock works well for my 5'7" F-I-L, and can be taken down well enough to fit my 5'3" wife. It isn't exactly a "robust" system, but it does make a $1K rifle fairly adjustable for various sizes of shooters. I went with the Timberline...
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    It's all fun and games until _________ (fill in the blank)

    Until that side check you had during your 8 week course in California drives all the way to NC, and finds you at your command because you gave her your real name. ^ Not me, but I was over said individual, and had to pretend that he had just been deployed for a year when she walked out of the...
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    Gunsmithing Legal question about pin & weld,than%2016%20inches%20in%20length. If it isn't at least 16" (permanently), a rifle falls under the NFA (needs stamp).