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  1. Expert684

    Olivia Newton John Passes The lady with an angel's voice and magnetic smile. RIP 😢
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    So I was thinking the other day to start a thread about some of us sharing OUR own pro nouns just for laughs. A few ideas of mine are: "Full mag", A.P., IGOTTADICK, CCW comes to mind. Just to trigger libbies. I know we have a very creative bunch here, and I have no doubt some will bring tears to...
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    Please Pray For Nick After six years he lost his battle. He will join his brothers that perished that fateful day. Prayers for him, his family and his brothers May the shooter rot in hell for eternity. :mad:
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    Lord Baby Jesus! Please please lord help us! 😁😁
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    Who Will Fight For America? Pretty much what i figured!
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    Well It Is Called Target This is the busiest section of town for shopping. Letting off a little Xmas steam! 🤣🤣
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    Time For Some Funny Christmas Videos!

    Old favorite from Alec Ooops! Baldwin! Time to share your favorite Christmas Videos! :ROFLMAO:
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    Bob Dole Passes

    Years ago ago we help sponsor Honor Air, sent WWII vets on charter flights to DC. My wife went with her father and took care of a few other men. Bob Dole was there to greet every one of them every day from what I understand. RIP Senator Dole
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    Lack Of Raw Goods

    Went to Vegas on business a few weeks back, it was NBAA the largest aviation trade show here in the states. No body went, attendance was poor. I’ve noticed supplies and parts are getting scarce from my vendors, nobody can tell me why. Something hit a nerve talking to one of our suppliers. He...
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    Potato Joe Is Going To Sell Us Out! This clown needs to go!!!😡😡😡
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    Charlie Watts Passed! Thought there were going to play till they made 100!
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    Juneteenth In Chicago!
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    Man Shoots Himself In The Face At Range

    This is why I don't go to the range during "peak" hours. Fucking idiot!
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    June 6 1944 D Day

    Most of that generation is gone. Wonder what today would be like if they all were still around? Remember the fallen on this and all days like it.
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    Reloading Equipment WTT Berger 140 Hybrids For 140 ELDM Or 140 HPBT

    2 lots 5 boxes unopened one lot, 500 rd box with 298 rounds left in it. Will trade @ 1.4 / 1 ratio. 100 Bergers/140 ELDM or 100 Bergers/150 140 HPBT
  16. Expert684

    SOLD WTS 1903A3 National Ordnance “C” Stock-Price Drop

    Bought 25 years ago, one trip to the range. Barrel looks to be new. Will throw in 40 rounds of 30 06 GI ball ammo. Sold! NLFS!
  17. Expert684

    Firearms WTS/WTT DPMS LR 308 18”

    Bought new years ago, 300-400 rounds through it. This gun shoots 3/4” groups @ 200 yrds. JP gas block with regulator, 2 stage trigger Troy Industries back up steel sights. Comes with four mags, 40 rounds of ammo for it with load data. Bushnell 5-25x50? HD glass mil dot. $2250.00 with scope...
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    SOLD WTS/WTT Eotech 512 Price Drop

    Like new used one time, safe queen. Then inop. Eotech repaired/upgrade. Sell or trade for LPVO plus/minus cash. $400.00
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    SOLD Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor New/Used Brass SOLD

    142 NEW CASES 189 fired once a few twice Sized, annealed some trimmed all weight sorted. 331 cases total. No hot loads. $175.00 TYD
  20. Expert684

    SOLD WTS 22 Cal 80 Gr JLK VLD

    360 rounds, 3 boxes un opened, been having since the 90’s. Open to offers? Sold