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    New annealing machine from Australia

    Don't know anything about them, but carried on Amazon. Looks like some nice features:
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    Where's Waldo?

    Different venue signs.
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    Scope power throw levers

    I sent my Schmidt-Bender to Jerry for repairs. Once I got it back, I can't find my power throw lever. It's been forever since I got it and I don't remember who manufactured it. I realized (since I'm setting up a Leupold Mark 4 for my son) I only have a couple of others for a Vortex and a...
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    Ken Light Annealing Machines

    NOTE: NOT a commercial endorsement, rather my personal opinion on a tool I bought (second-hand), and use and abuse like a rented army surplus mule. Reading another thread on high-end reloading equipment made me double-check a source of one of my favorite reloading tools. I just got off the...
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    New 1,000-yard Benchrest Record Score: 100-10X ... at age 83

    Link: Story on Accurate Shooter March 28th, 2021 Sunday GunDay: .300 WSM Pending 1K World Record Heavy Gun This Sunday we feature an impressive .300 WSM Heavy Gun shot by a superb long-range shooter. With this rig, at age 83, Arizona benchrest ace Charles Greer drilled a remarkable 2.862″...
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    Canada Hosts 17th Annual Sniper Concentration Canada hosts Annual International Sniper Concentration NR - 13.284 - September 26, 2013 OTTAWA – Military and police snipers from Canada and around the world participated in the...
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    USAMU Sets New 1,000-Yard Record

    From Accurate Shooter ( August 12th, 2013 USAMU Team Shoots Record 800-57X at 1000 Yards Amazing. Spectacular. Stunning. Awe-inspiring. You choose the superlatives — but this is one team shooting performance that will long be celebrated. Competing in the Herrick Trophy...
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    2013 AASAM Matches

    "This year's Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting (AASAM), conducted at Puckapunyal Military Range, is designed to pitch the best soldiers against each other in a tough combat-like environment. This focus ensures the contest is more representative of the skills required of a modern fighting...
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    Sniping Books -- Free downloads

    John Plaster loaded several rare and hard-to-find historical sniper books on his website. They are available as free goggle-docs downloads here: Books from the Ultimate Sniper
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    Simply Outrageous -- 14.9mm Rifle

    Monolithic Munitions has prototyped a 14.9mm rifle. Ammo is made from 20mm Vulcan brass, necked down using Warner Tool Company Custom dies. Read more at link: Monolithic Munitions Full fire-formed and loaded cartridge next to 50 BMG and 5.56 NATO. 308 Winchester on left:
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    It's official -- USSOCOM Selects Remington for its Precision Sniper Rifle

    Solicitation Number: H92222-12-R-0011 Notice Type: Award Notice Contract Award Date: March 7, 2013 Contract Award Number: H92222-13-D-0003 Contract Award Dollar Amount: $79,717,783.28 Contractor Awarded Name: Remington Arms Company, LLC UNITED STATES SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND Precision...
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    Medal of Honor Distinguished Shooters

    Distinguished Medal Of Honor Recipients by Hap Rocketto | August 29, 2012 | When I first began filling out what seemed like a never ending series of card stock 10 ½ by eight inch DA Form 1344s, the official name of which is “Entry and Score Card for NBRP Individual Service Rifle Match” there...
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    Custom Die Maker Recommendations?

    Gents, I have cracked five separate Redding .338 Lapua Magnum sizing dies. Redding has been excellent in that they have replaced them all promptly as I send them the dies and five fired and five re-sized cases. They seem to fracture at the mouth, which then propagates up the die. The die...
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    Brass Inspection -- Auto-Loading Rifles

    A "Public Service Reminder" for those loading for semi-automatic rifles (particularly for .308s/7.62mm, but any gas-operated rifle). Check your cases for incipient case head separation. You can do this by running a straightened paper clip or a simple tool (I use an Allen wrench) and feel...
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    Academic Marksmaship Study

    Interesting reading. Study partially funded by the US Naval Post Graduate School, done by UCLA, published in 2011:
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    Stryker Brigade Sniper

    <span style="font-weight: bold">Aussie serves with Stryker Brigade as a sniper</span> DVIDS Hub By Sgt. Fred Minnick Tall Afar, Iraq -- In 2001, Spc. John Shore, 20, went to his hometown army recruiting station in Sydney, Australia, and requested a position in an Australian army combat arms...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns HK45 pistol question...

    Do all HK45s have the gay "Ergo" "Spider man" finger groove grip? Were any imported with the straight pistol grip (a la the USP)? Thanks.
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    Boys getting it done...

    US infantrymen in Afghanistan: Sgt. Jeremy Trop, who serves as a company sniper section leader with A Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment, 2nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, provides overwatch security during an operation to assist his Afghan National Army...
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    Killing Prairie Dogs at 3,125 Yards

    There are many who vehemently argue something CAN'T be done. They should stay out of the way of folks who are doing it. This is an old Precision Shooting article about two guys in Colorado who hot-rodded their Model 70 264 Win Mag and a 308 Winchester Ackley Improved (loaded on a Dillon)...
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    .50 Cal Champion -- Out-of-the-Box Rifle July 17, 2012 Wilkinson Crowned Champion in the FCSA Hunter Class Score with his Steyr HS.50 ( — Using an out-of-the-box Steyr HS.50 long-range precision rifle, Walter Wilkinson, 56, of...