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  1. Switchblade

    All of Facebook's Banned Content in One Place

    I stay in FB Jail just like all my friends 🤣🤣🤣🤣🍺🍺🔥🔥🔥🔥 Shoot, post a McDonalds breakfast meal and they go HAM on banning folks. High Carbs or Cardi B plate...but damn they hate pancakes!
  2. Switchblade


    Dog will go absolutely nuts if anyone is outside on the porch. I hope they are able to withstand a hail of 155gmx 308 copper alloy's at 2700fps
  3. Switchblade

    A hell of a year...

    I have made a small paring knife, but I am not yet at going for thin blades. I need more practice forging to shape and getting my ricasso's right and my bevels better Smok and Whiskey on Sunday night keep me sane...for the most part, and dark humor from friends keeps me laughing
  4. Switchblade

    Spotify to Remove Neil Young Music After He Demanded They Cancel Joe Rogan

    Didn't the Simpson's have an episode where the old man was yelling at the cloud and got yeeted? Seems like they called this one too!
  5. Switchblade

    A hell of a year...

    our's truly has finished a hell of a year, and it's not even going to be done until May 22nd because someone is being charged with three counts of contempt of court. Panty is no longer my 6 and I am the boss of me(well Nessie is). Basic divorce finalized February, House flooded in the basement...
  6. Switchblade

    New phone, a few updates

    Panty 6 is no more. I won...I suppose. Bi lateral knee surgeries have me down for almost three months starting June 28th. I am 4 weeks recovery on the right and looking at the left being done in about four to six weeks. I made a few knives of course... Got a new phone so I lost numbers...
  7. Switchblade

    Where to sell Bourbon Collection

    It's Stagg's. It is no more than a $125 bottle of whiskey. Pappy's is no more than a $200 bottle of whiskey. Facts are, is it's whiskey and it's not worth what many are asking for it. Yes, I have had most of them at one time or another, and yes, we all know a $125 bottle of whiskey will never be...
  8. Switchblade

    Sell AR for parts or whole

    issa $350 gun. Part Out will net more if you are smart
  9. Switchblade

    Photos 🌈 Show Off Your Poverty Precision Rifle / Anti-AI Slam Pigs 🐷 Only

    Precise enough ;) Ruger Gunsite Scout Smith Enterprises M14 break McMillan A2 SWFA Tac 50 rings Leatherwood - HiLux Ballistic Scout scope TIS Quick Cuff II AI mags so my R700 AI folder and this bad bitch use the same 20/10/5 round mags
  10. Switchblade

    Hedge Funds NOT Reddit manipulating GME stock ?

    hundredaire's will never run anything stock market:ROFLMAO:
  11. Switchblade

    WTB .223/5.56 bolt gun

    I found the Remington 783 SYnthetic Carbine for $365 then Remington went into a sold status and I cannot find the rifle now. So I looked and found Ruger Ranch Rifle in 5.56 and found a few for $425. The Ruger is preferred due to its magazines being AR variant. I need this rifle because it is...
  12. Switchblade

    Sex Pistols

    Early punk DID have this diehard hardcore American Clean Cut thing from LA/OC. We were patriots at heart did patriot things and we were the ones who fought anyone who would bully us or the people we were with. If it was not for right of center or all out right, punk would never have had bands...
  13. Switchblade

    Paging Quick and Dirty

    My old phone died and I lost ALL my contacts. We were in the middle of some 3D printed stabby stix
  14. Switchblade


    From what I know of the TN PB's, they are a lot of vets, pretty western male culture dominant with strong national pride. The mix is pretty much anyone with the same values. I get told I am a bit too much for them sometimes. I just want to shoot commies, give zero fucks if they claim to be...
  15. Switchblade

    Durham announcement pending... about 10 minutes from now????

    So much for Q and the Anon's and chan's. Dropping this shit right now, or in October would totally make the election really worth watching😅😅😅😅💀
  16. Switchblade

    Have you ever met a KKK member?

    I wasn't in TN for a month before I was handshaked a KKK coin and invited to a Saturday afternoon meeting. I have never seen a more rag tag bunch of fat barrel assed neckbeards in one place...ever. Between boomers in slacks and belts above the belly button, and the younglings in fat boi jeans...
  17. Switchblade

    Flash supressor?

    I got this idea for a FAL flash suppressor. Does anyone have the skills to actually set it up? ?
  18. Switchblade

    Secret service agent suspended for shoving Biden

    Pedo Joe will suddenly get a case of covid and not e able to debate or do any public appearances until the day of the election. On Her Knees Harris will call to be the substitute master debater. Anyone with Vegas Odd's on this?
  19. Switchblade

    C-19 caused defaults starting to trickle in

    C19 has caused plants to close. We are just starting to feel that with food prices going up. The jobless rate is climbing due to employers laying off workers. Welfares recipients are all doing fine, while the average Joe is struggling. Being shut in simply lowers your immunity system. A mask and...
  20. Switchblade


    FEDEX is holding the 2019 $50,000 Business grant contest. Fire Knives could use this to not only build and equip, but to work with another veteran as well as set aside profit percentages for vet's. Yes, I have huge dreams, but I also move forward...