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    Gunsmithing AK 'smith in St. Louis area?

    Have a buddy that is having problems with his Saiga, does anyone know any good AK 'smiths in or around the St. Louis area? I know my way around a few guns, but AKs aren't one of them.... Thanks, Bill
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    Need help finding aperture rear sight with "scale"

    Greetings Hiders, I am having trouble finding a particular rail-mounted aperture rear sight that I saw last year in a Multi-Gun competition.... Picture the MaTech BUIS , and note the elevation scale and adjustment lever on the left side. Does anyone know where I can find a fixed (not...
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    Gunsmithing Lathe Op videos from "TheViper6506"

    Greetings Hiders, My good shooting buddy Bob makes the Viper rest - a heavy pedestal rest for the BR/F-class crowd, and he has posted a few videos that may be of interest to some of you. Currently there are videos on HSS inserts, single-point threading, "Chip the squirrel", and some old...
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    Gunsmithing Mossberg 590 Ghost Ring Sight install

    I can't find my installation instructions for Mossberg 590 ghost ring sights. I have an E-mail in to Mossberg, but have no reply, yet. If anyone could get me a copy I'd sure appreciate it. I really only need the details for the D&T for the rear sight; the barrel has to go to the shop for the...