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  1. Hennig

    JAE700 3d Printed Buttpad Spacer

    Hey guys, Bit of a random one, I've had a JAE700 since 2011, and always wanted some buttpad spacers - but being in Aus, never could find any locally. Now with JAE going bellyup, my chances are gone. I'm sure MDT will eventually offer the accessories again, but in the interim I figured Id put my...
  2. Hennig

    .223 AI Mags - Feed Lips Wearing?

    Hey fellas, I noticed the other day at the range that my .223 was feeding, well, like shit. Constant jams. Upon further investigation it appears that the feed lips have been worn down both on the top side (from the bolt dragging along the surface), and even on the underside (where the case...
  3. Hennig

    JAE700 has arrived!

    Hey fellas, Just thought Id post up some pics of the JAE700 that arrived today. I know these are starting to show up slowly, but there still arent many first hand reports of people with them in hand. Against the Whiskey 3. With the .223 5R in it. Initial impressions - bloody...