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  1. MCSO1357

    SOLD Sold

    1). Like new Surefire 3-prong flash hider/suppressor mount. Threaded 5/8-24 and is for 30 cal. Was installed, looks to be lightly fired. $100 shipped, Includes shims. 2). New in packaging Warcomp 3-prong for 556, SPF 3). Lightly used Harris HBRM-S bipod with Area 419 ARCALOCK mount and...
  2. MCSO1357

    Accessories WTB: Surefire SOCOM 556 muzzle device

    Looking for a Surefire muzzle device to mount SOCOM suppressor. Shims appreciated but not necessary, must be for 5.56 and threaded for standard AR muzzle threads.
  3. MCSO1357

    Firearms SPF: PSA AK-V pistol

    For sale is a lightly used AK-V 9mm pistol. Picked it up as a toy, ran 200 rounds through it and put back in safe. Fun to shoot and it is as easy as you've heard to bump fire. Has the factory folding triangle brace, added a triangle stock pack by Rifle Dynamics, and includes 4 35-round mags...
  4. MCSO1357

    Accessories WTB: Geissele 15" MK4

    Looking for a 15" MK4 handguard, DDC preferred but black hand guards matter too.
  5. MCSO1357

    Optics Leica GEOVID 10x42 HD-B *SPF

    For sale is a lightly used pair of 10x42 HD-B. I purchased for an elk hunt that isn’t going to happen. Unit is in excellent condition, works perfectly and glass is immaculate. Comes with box, harness, case and lens covers. $1500 shipped, would consider Glock 20 as partial trade.
  6. MCSO1357

    Optics Steiner P4Xi 1-4 *SPF*

    For sale is a like new P4Xi 1-4 with box and Burris mount. Decided to stick with RDS for my rifle, sale includes box and paperwork for scope (box says throw lever included, but i cannot find it for the life of me). $500 shipped for scope and mount, would trade for Eotech EXPS3-0 plus cash on my...
  7. MCSO1357

    Accessories MCX parts

    Going another direction on build so I have the following for sale. All are very lightly used except grip, which has never been installed. All prices include shipping, not really looking for trades as I have already found what I am after. 1. Geissele SSA trigger with curved face, part...
  8. MCSO1357

    Accessories SOLD

    For sale is a lightly used complete MK114 MOD2-M upper. I purchased from a Hide member a few months ago and have decided to to another direction. Has an A2 flash hider installed, IS NOT pinned/welded nor has anything ever been. Sale includes box, paperwork and swag that came with (hat and...
  9. MCSO1357

    Sidearms & Scatterguns MCX Rattler 300 BLK

    Want to build SBR on my existing MCX lower in 300 BLK and this seems like a fun little project. I can't find just the short barrel to replace existing 5.56 barrel or I'd just do that, fucking SIG and their lack of support for rifle platforms is well documented and frustrating as fuck. Looking...
  10. MCSO1357

    For my AZ friends

    Road trip to Wickenburg, she will not comply and could use some support. Wickenburg police order restaurants defying state order to clear their dining rooms of customers...
  11. MCSO1357

    SPF Manners PRS1/Mini Chassis **

    For sale is a lightly used PRS1 with mini chassis, adjustable cheek piece, pic rail and barricade stop. Will fit up to MTU barrel and Rem 700 footprint action. Rifle not for sale. Trades considered would be Kahles, NF NX8 or Vortex Razor LPVO
  12. MCSO1357

    Accessories WTS: Surefire

    For sale is a Surefire Masterfire holster and light. Weapon light is XH35 model, switchable from 1000 to 300 lumens and has strobe option. $200 shipped for the light, the holster is SPF.
  13. MCSO1357

    SOLD. NF ATACR 5-25x56 F1 T3/MPA mount

    For sale is lightly used ATACR F1 5-25 with T3 reticle, windage is capped. Scope is mounted in MPA 0 MOA 1-piece mount, torqued to spec so there should be light to no ring marks (I haven't pulled scope from mount to check). I have had mount for longer than scope, so it shows a little more wear...
  14. MCSO1357


    For sale is a lightly used J Allen chassis for SA Rem 700, all black. Includes pic and ARCA rails for under forearm, I don’t mount shit to sides of my rifles so there are no side rails. It is clean, used in a couple of matches so not pristine, just a little dirty. $1200 shipped. It’s dark in...
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    For sale is lightly used Tactical Carry, chambered in the Lord's caliber of .45 ACP. Stainless finish, 4" barrel, Wilson range bag with paperwork, 3 mags. Sale includes a like-new Milt Sparks 55BN holster in black cowhide leather. I've put approximately 400 rounds through it, shoots like a WC...
  16. MCSO1357

    Eberlestock Gunslinger *SPF*

    For sale is a like-new Gunslinger in Coyote Brown. I am original owner, loaded it with gear once and decided I would be served better with something smaller. I found a pack that will work, so this guy has to go. $200 shipped or would trade for (+/- CASH where applicable): Atlas PSR bipod...
  17. MCSO1357

    RangerWalker71 AWOL?

    Hey guys, I hate these kinds of posts, but I was just wondering if anybody has heard from or seen RangerWalker71 lately. I sent him around $700 via PayPal for a scope and a mount, this was on the 2nd. I haven't heard a peep from him (hasn't answered any PM's during the past week+) and the...
  18. MCSO1357

    Problems with Magnetospeed V3

    Has anybody has any issues with V3? The last two times that I've had it out it hasn't worked. Registers velocity of the first round fired, then acts like nothing happens even though I'm continuing to fire over it. It is attached properly to my GAP Rem 700's barrel. Occasionally I'll get the...
  19. MCSO1357

    Anyone use Hornady "Custom Grade" dies?

    Hello, just wondering if any of you have had any experience with Hornady Custom Grade dies, particularly in 223 or 308. I've seen them popping up on shelves and was wondering how well they performed. I mainly run the Redding Competition dies. Thanks.
  20. MCSO1357

    Load for long range shooting .243

    I'm looking to develop a load for my .243 and was wondering if anybody has any good money loads for shooting long range. I've always been partial to SMK's. (I'm in Iowa, so long range = 500 yards) Thanks!