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  1. thrusty

    Which rear bag

    If you have a Gamechanger bag, give it a try. Pretty versatile as a rear bag.
  2. thrusty

    Best “Do it all” Rear Bag

    Been using my Gamechanger bag for 99% of positions, to include rear bag while prone.
  3. thrusty

    Equipment Question

    No doubt, would pick a Kestrel. Most stages you can ask a squadmate or an RO to take a peek through their glass....a Kestrel isn't that easy to share with people you don't know well.
  4. thrusty

    Pic Rail vs Arca Swiss for Bipod

    Give the Area 419 ARCALock a view. As long as you're using the 419 clamp, attachments won't be slipping.
  5. thrusty

    Area 419-Whats going on

    Like other's said, you may have sent an email while we were at the NRA convention or at the Buckeye Classic match. We're catching up. To the OP, did you get a response yet? If not, I'll get you in contact with the right person.
  6. thrusty

    Cz 455 mount ?

    The CZ455 rail from Area 419 is well made and feature rich. If you're looking for alternatives: DIP and EGW have one. Rings...I really like American Rifle Company.
  7. thrusty

    Area 419 Sidewinder muzzle brake

    I think Jon will be getting some Sidewinder photos up very soon.
  8. thrusty

    22lr chamber iron

    Bought mine from Midway when it came in stock (which may take some time, but they do show up). Set a notification.
  9. thrusty

    Which Neck Thickness Trimmer Set?

    Really a big fan of the 21st Century. I hate changing things up on it too I bought another cutter tool to swap in and out of the lathe. Second choice would be the K&M tool.
  10. thrusty

    What is your favorite barrel contour and why ?

    Medium Palma to Heavy Palma....With my favorite being in between...AKA...Marksman contour.
  11. thrusty

    Rifle Scopes Kahles vs. Mark 6 (specifically, 1-6's)

    +1 on the Kahles K16i with the SM1 reticle. Although a good optic, I'm not sure the Leupold is in the same league. The FOV on the Kahles is spectacular.
  12. thrusty

    What 338 LM Bolt Action??

    I wouldn't say most gun stores would have factory 338 Norma ammo....just like most gun stores wouldn't have factory 338 ammo. But, Norma does make very decent factory 300 and 338 Norma ammo with match bullets.
  13. thrusty

    What 338 LM Bolt Action??

    Area 419 built my 338 Norma mag from a Defiance long action in a AX chassis and have been totally happy with it. Sticking your action in an AX chassis might give you that AI feel that you dream of... 338 Norma is more efficient than the Lapua and as long as you get CIP length mags/chassis you...
  14. thrusty

    Anyone using Alpha Munitions 6.5 brass?

    I'd be interested in the reamer drawings of the 2 that you used if you have them. Do you happen to have a measurement of your fired neck diameter in these chambers from Hornady brass (something thinner)? Did you happen to try turning the necks of the Alpha brass about 0.001" at a time to see...
  15. thrusty

    Anyone using Alpha Munitions 6.5 brass?

    Been using 6.5 Alpha brass with great success for awhile now. Keep in mind that if you're switching to new brass, you should always reevaluate and do load developing by working up. It's very stout and robust - with that said, the internal volumes are less than what you'd see in Hornady or even...
  16. thrusty

    Funnels and You

    +1 on what padom said. Get some reloading bling in your life!
  17. thrusty

    Billet reloading trays?

    Jon's been making some awesome billet load blocks if you're interested -
  18. thrusty

    ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge

    First....I'm not the match, my statement is only of personal and professional experience. Depends on your definition of "previous knowledge"...Peacemaker is a range open to the public and members - if someone drives by while we're setting up and watches....we don't chase them...
  19. thrusty

    ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge

    I'd concur with what Irish said. I was using a 6-24x Kahles as I would for a PRS match. I found myself utilizing 12x the majority of the time. Only time I dialed all the way in was on the KYL stage --- I tried to dial to 24x for the dot drill but found that it wasn't suitable for 40 yards...
  20. thrusty

    ELEY Practical Rimfire Challenge

    Very important to read stage descriptions in their entirety. Sometimes you should read it for yourself as well - if there are unanswered questions, call the MD.