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  1. LC 6.5 Shooter

    Accessories WTT Razor Gen2 Mil 7c for Mark 5hd

    Like brand new razor with spuhr. Has only been on bench. No matches. Looking to shed weight for new 25 creed. Would like a mil Mark 5hd in 3.5-18 or 5-25. Prefer illuminated reticle. Will have to have a good mount too. I have razor box and spuhr box. Comes with sunshade and scope chap
  2. LC 6.5 Shooter

    SOLD K&M arbor press with stand force pack and gauge and LE wilson 6 dasher micrometer seater die

    Buyer had to back out. $200 shipped last price drop
  3. LC 6.5 Shooter

    SOLD WTT MDT Ckye Pod

    Would like to trade for a TBAC bipod to try. Would need to be arca compatible. My MDT is basically new. Standard/Prs model. Never been to a match. Only used on a bench so far.
  4. LC 6.5 Shooter

    Accessories For sale. Curtis valor 22gt barrel brand new 375$

    Shit wish I had a curtis valor. This is a steal. Free bump