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  1. TheOE800

    Accessories KAC SR-15 Mod 2 Carbine 14.5” upper receiver kit

    For sale is a like new condition Knight’s Armament 14.5” SR-15 CQB Mod 2 MLOK upper receiver kit. This was purchased early this year and outfitted with MLOK accessories then stored in my safe. No rounds fired since it wasn’t my primary though the upper was oiled, racked, and dry fired for...
  2. TheOE800

    SOLD 36mm ZCO rings 1.34” medium-high

    What: Lightly used/picked up in a trade ZCO brand/manufactured 36mm rings 1.34” high. All screw heads undamaged, everything tip top. Includes several bits for ring caps and clamp bar. Shipping: Insured to full value. USPS or UPS at my discretion, or paid upgrade at cost. Price: $150 shipped...
  3. TheOE800

    Optics NEW Vortex Razor Gen 3 1-10 MRAD

    What: Box new Vortex Razor HD Gen 3 1-10x24 MRAD LPVO. This one hasn’t seen rings or been out of the box. The one, the only, the brown ass Razor HD Gen III for you! Price: $2100 shipped. May consider strong cash offers, not looking for more scopes right now. Payment via discreet electronic...
  4. TheOE800

    Accessories Impact Prefit Bartlein M24 Mod400BB 6.5 Creedmoor

    What: Impact 737R prefit Bartlein Mod400BB M24 contour 1:8tw barrel blank, finished at 24” and chambered 6.5 Creedmoor by Bugholes aka Southern Precision Rifles. Headspaced perfectly on my Impact. Threaded 5/8x24 TPI Cerakoted graphite black (to match DLC actions) No live fire, only tested for...
  5. TheOE800

    SOLD KAC SR-15 CQB Mod2 11.5” Upper receiver kit

    SOLD For sale is an excellent condition Knight’s Armament 11.5” SR-15 CQB Mod 2 MLOK upper receiver kit. This was purchased last year, outfitted with accessories, then stored in my safe. No rounds fired since it wasn’t my primary though the upper was oiled, racked, and dry fired so it shows...
  6. TheOE800

    SOLD Triggertech Diamond, ZCO 36mm rings, Tikka Varmint take offs, Proof 6mm ARC, Geissele

    Various accessories from the lightly used abandoned projects pile. Some items new. Shipping: Insured to full value. USPS or UPS at my discretion, or paid upgrade at cost. Payment: USPS Money Order, bank/certified check, discreet PayPal F&F/Venmo/Zelle/Apple Pay etc. SOLD Triggertech...
  7. TheOE800

    SOLD CZ457 30 MOA pic rail scope base Area419

    As new Area419 picatinny scope base for CZ457 rifles, 30 MOA version. Mocked up on the action with a scope mount, but went with a different base for my needs. Has not seen any field duty, no dings dents etc. Price: $80 shipped. Payment via discreet Paypal/Venmo/Zelle/CashApp, USPS MO, bank...
  8. TheOE800

    SOLD Impact 737R AW cut w/ 6.5 Creedmoor Bartlein Mod400BB

    Selling my unfired Impact 737R barreled action. Simply moving on to other projects now and would prefer not to split at this time unless buyers for both the barrel and action come forward. Not looking for trades at the moment. Specs: Impact 737R AW cut .308 bolt face action Only dry fired...
  9. TheOE800

    SOLD WTS: AI AW magazines

    SOLD These Accuracy International double stack Arctic Warfare magazines were purchased from EuroOptic in December 2021 and have only been used for function checking and practice, they have NEVER been on a live range. Suffice to say they are very lightly used examples of the AI AW mag. $220...
  10. TheOE800

    SOLD WTS: new H&K VP9 Match pistol full kit + optics plate

    Selling a brand new, unfired, never transferred Heckler and Koch (H and K, H&K) VP9 Match 9mm pistol kit. This is new in the case and comes with everything as it does from H&K including four (4) 20rd magazines, two recoil springs, additional grip panels, and a bonus factory HK #2 optics plate...
  11. TheOE800

    SOLD SOLD: Allen Engineering AEM5-30 on a Form 3

    I am moving in a different direction for my bolt and semi builds, so I’m selling my new in the box AEM5-30. This can is new, unfired, and currently on a form 3 ready to transfer to your SOT. For those unfamiliar, these are fairly uncommon cans made by Ron Allen (of Allen Engineering) that are...
  12. TheOE800

    SOLD 200rd case 6.5 Creedmoor Norma 130gr OTM

    SOLD New 130gr Norma Match 6.5CM case. 10 boxes per case. $410 plus actual UPS shipping. Payment via Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay, Paypal FF, USPS MO. Opened case, all 10 boxes from the same lot. Very accurate and very consistent, same as the the old PRIME ammo.
  13. TheOE800

    SOLD BNIB Vortex Razor Gen 3 1-10x24 MRAD/ SOLD

    New in the box MRAD model Vortex Gen 3, unmounted and unused - perfect condition. Includes box and all contents: scope, batteries, throw lever, sunshade, manuals. Price is $1975 $1925 shipped and insured via UPS, may consider offers. Payment via PayPal FF, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay, USOS MO...
  14. TheOE800

    SOLD Geissele Super SCAR Triggers

    Have several available. All are new in the retail box. $275 shipped. Venmo, Apple Pay, Zelle, USPS MO, PayPal FF (no G&S).
  15. TheOE800

    Reloading Equipment Once-fired .223/5.55, 6.5 Creesmoor brass

    Approximately 2650 once fired .223 and 5.56mm brass cases. Lot consists of mixed LC, FC, PPU, Winchester, Remington, GECO and other common headstamps both lacquered primer (5.56) and normal. $340 shipped large flat rate USPS. Other quantities require custom shipping quotes based on round count...
  16. TheOE800

    SOLD WTS: New DBAL D2 black

    WTS new Steiner DBAL D2 visible/IR laser and IR illuminator. Black body, green beam, Steiner p/n 9001. Performed function check when received and put back in box, was never mounted to a rifle. Will include box, papers, DBAL D2 unit, and pressure switch. November 2020 production date. $1250...
  17. TheOE800

    Optics SOLD: BNIB Razor Gen III 1-10x MRAD

    SOLD For sale is Vortex Razor Gen III 1-10x24mm MRAD model with 34mm main tube and FFP reticle. Bought two of these and decided to move in a different direction. Condition is unopened, I haven’t even taken a look in the box of the second scope that I am selling here. You receive everything...
  18. TheOE800

    Firearms WTS KAC SR-25 6.5 Creedmoor Upper (price drop)

    New, unfired and unmounted by me - test fired at the KAC facility where it was born of course. Full upper featuring the new non-IBN URX6 mlok rail (notice the anti-rotation tab and milled slot in receiver), 22” dimpled barrel, new MAMS 2 port QDC brake, unique 6.5 BCG, micro sight set, ambi...
  19. TheOE800

    Accessories WTS: MDT & ARC 308 10rd AICS mags

    AICS pattern mags for sale. 3 2 mags total all 308/short action: 2x MDT 10rd 308 binder plate, 1x ARC 10rd 308. $170 $125 shipped net to me after fees for the lot, first I’ll take it gets it. � Item Condition $ Notes MDT 102013-BLK: 10rd 308 w/ binder plate New $65ea + shipping or $125...
  20. TheOE800

    Optics SOLD: Trijicon TA-33 ACOG

    Sold As pictured, for sale is my Trijicon 3x ACOG, model TA-33 featuring red horsehoe dot reticle. This is among the best ACOG models in my opinion, featuring great eye relief, bright-as-the-sun fiber optic, and back-up tritium illumination for night/low light. This example has sat on my rifle...