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  1. motodog

    Hunting & Fishing tungsten bullets WARNING GRAPHIC

    well its far from my first post there insidethestorm.ive been posting for the four years just not sure where my post count went and really dont give a shit.the op is a douche for shooting like that.i have never had an animal get away yet in 15 years of hunting i have never pulled the trigger and...
  2. motodog

    Hunting & Fishing tungsten bullets WARNING GRAPHIC

    in wyoming thats called wanton waste of a big game animal.they will prosocute you to the full extent of the law.quit posting pics of you bieng stupid.i will be forwarding this to an investigatore for the state of wyoming that is a friend of mine.thanks dumbass.
  3. motodog

    Jesse Ventura=Scumbag

    its amazing what info can be found on the net just by simply looking.all jesse venturas contact info is here for all of us to him up and tell him what you think call the agency reping him and tell them your thoughts.offer to hire him for a speaking engagment for the national gay and...
  4. motodog

    Sidearms & Scatterguns CQB Folder that resists collapse

    i have a ckrt hissatsu folder that has dual locks on iit when it snaps open.i pretty sure its designed for the blade not to close on accident and it was under 100.i carry it would be at least very impossing if it was needed in a self defense situation.i think i would rather be shot then...
  5. motodog

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Carry knife preferences

    benchmade enough said
  6. motodog

    Maggie’s My Greatest Respect for a Marine . . .

    man obama is a fuckin douche.
  7. motodog

    gun writer passes

    just noticed on tv that j.guthrie has passed on.left two children and a wife behind he was 37.just thought i would pass this on.
  8. motodog

    Maggie’s Hypothetical...Help the Police?

    i would rather be judged by 12 then carried by 6.
  9. motodog

    Handguard replacement on RRA Varmint rifle?

    i would say your best bet is gonna be to pick out the rail you want and the length you need then take it to a smith and pay them to do it the first time and watch what they do then you will see how to do it and the tools needed to do the job properly so you dont trash your upper.
  10. motodog

    Sidearms & Scatterguns gun show find of the year(for me anyway)

    ok papa im gonna do use the sob as it was intended.hell i only got 60 into it what the hell ive spent more on a knife and lost it in the woods.thanks for your replys.
  11. motodog

    Sidearms & Scatterguns gun show find of the year(for me anyway)

    well i would love to post some pics of my gfs big rack but man would my wife get pissed.any way what i mean is i am way to stupid to figure out how to post pics here guys hell im lucky to figure out how to put up a post here but i can assure youits real as i have not put it down since i got...
  12. motodog

    Sidearms & Scatterguns gun show find of the year(for me anyway)

    its not my first high end knife but man is this thing sweet.
  13. motodog

    Night Vision Spring air gun recoil on a Pvs 14

    not sure i i would mount a thing that pricey on a bb gun,just air rifles have a dual recoil to them that a standared rifle dont have if its a springer anyway.better contact the manufacture and see what they say about that one.
  14. motodog

    Sidearms & Scatterguns gun show find of the year(for me anyway)

    as i was walking around the gillette gun club yearly gun show looking at the crazy prices on 22lr ammo and laughing at the guys selling er trying to sell i noticed a knife that was at table and the tag said chris reeve knife well i worked my way up to it and looked at it and the box it was in...
  15. motodog

    Sidearms & Scatterguns benchmade adamas sheath failure

    +1 on there customer service it is the best in the knife me a axis flipper number 213 of 1000 first production run and carried it for about a month then one day i went to open it at work and the stupid thing was locked closed couldnt open it to save my life so i called benchmade and...
  16. motodog

    Just generally pissed

    if your an american you have to understand a little how the op feels about all this dont ya,but as an american you also have to understand this fuckin douche of a human does deserve to go to trail for his a person who stands for the 2nd i will have to stand by them all or we are no...
  17. motodog

    Hunting & Fishing "raaaaaaampage!!!"

    oh squid get over it sister they are hogs and they needed to die who gives a fuck how he did it.Whiskeytango way to go.
  18. motodog

    gun safe

    well i like your way of thinkin.
  19. motodog

    Woo Haa! Feinstein FAILED!

    theres nothing in the rules that says we have to be nice or respectful to a fucking cunt like that old bitch.shes a fucking whore and i hope she dies a slow painful death.hows that for some respect and praise to the cunt.just by being a member here doesnt mean we have to respect them guberment...
  20. motodog

    Good idea BCM..... Bad timing (am i screwed?)

    dogbone stop yer bitchin and put on your bigboy pantys you know what you bought dont come here and the bcg and be done with it.that is all.