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    Night Vision SOLD TW Exfil Ballistic SL - - Multicam / Medium

    I’m interested in this. Please send a PM
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    Night Vision LWTS-LR Thermal clip on *SPF*

    Those are awesome! Good find!
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    Accessories Bunch of stuff

    Great seller. Received high dollar item quickly and just as described. Vouch.
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    Accessories Bunch of stuff

    PM Sent. Funds will be inbound shortly.
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    Night Vision LA5 UHP tan for sale

    I just tried messaging you but can’t seem to find where to do so. I am interested.
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    Firearms SR-25 UPPER

    I’ll take this. ETA: Sent PM regarding BUIS
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    WTB KAC SR25

    Hey bud I have an APC upper if some has a lower for you
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    Accessories WTB SR-25 Upper

    PM Responded to.
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    Accessories WTB SR-25 Upper

    I may be selling my low round 16” APC 7.62 Upper
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    Firearms knights armament sr 15 lpr

    Glad to hear that!
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    Firearms knights armament sr 15 lpr

    A long PM chain starting early on the 13th.
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    Firearms knights armament sr 15 lpr

    The OP told me I had seconds at the original $3K asking price. Not at $3400, I'll pass. @fnforme I hope it all works out for you.