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    Movie Theater "*UNSEEN FOOTAGE* Sniper Opens Up On War, Death, PTSD And Love"

    I agree. It is totally unacceptable that the best of us are killing themselves at an average of 22 a day. Guess only the 1% of the populous who are gay have a voice. The 1% who signed up knowing they may have to sacrifice all on our behalf are shit on and ignored when they have a problem that...
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    Movie Theater "*UNSEEN FOOTAGE* Sniper Opens Up On War, Death, PTSD And Love"

    Has anyone else been following the use of Ibogaine to treat PTSD and addiction? I have watched a lot of podcasts from long time operators (and their spouses) who are traveling to South America to these retreats that are treating them with Ibogaine and from the few accounts I’ve seen, maybe...
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    Iran tried to assasinate Pompeo and Bolton

    Admittedly, at 48 I don’t have the vast years of experience some here may have, but when we think about clandestine ops today vs pre- Desert Storm I see a trend that I don’t particularly care for. My theory is that pre -91 we used to handle this kind of business quietly. Think OSS capping...
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    6x284 reloading

    That doesn’t bridge the gap, your talking sending a 60gr bullet at 3800 fps or more. 6x284s are fucking laser beams for the 600-700 rounds of accurate barrel life you’re likely to see. If it’s that old the only brass available was Winchester and it not only has to be necked down but I would...
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    Gov. Mike DeWine Signs Bill Allowing Armed Teachers in Ohio Schools

    My brother is a teacher in AZ. He’s been a 2 and 3 Gun competitor for a decade and I know he’d do what he had to do to save the kids, with or without a firearm. Sadly, AZ won’t pass it even though Utah and I think New Mexico have it. That said, I think where it’s legal it’s a good idea to...
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    Just landed in the USA again...

    So, did you stop by Ireland on the way?
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    Mike Glover

    Personal relationship with people you disagree with is not a sign of weakness. If I 100% cut ties with all the people who aren’t in lock step with my ideals I’d be worse off for it. Some, I can only take in small doses, but allowing yourself and your left if center friends to silo is just...
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    Mk 13 Mod 0 stock

    Very well done. I hope you get them out from time to time.
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    House passes Assault Weapons Ban 217 - 213... What's next?

    You’re being short sighted, unless you know how to beat a reaper. Guess at that point you won’t know anyway so yeah, fuck it.
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    Mk 248 Mod 0 help!

    I’ve had no issue with the few Mod0 lots I’ve shot. The mod1 also shot very well but the brass was unusable.
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    Mk 248 Mod 0 help!

    It’s basically gold medal match ammo. What’s your concern?
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    Surprise surprise

    No idea. The author obviously think this is about racism, but they made a special point of listing out percentages of races for this woman. Obviously identity politics. I don’t know what to think. I’m curious if she had plans for the departments that they just couldn’t live with? We’re...
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    Surprise surprise

    That was one of the most poorly written articles I have ever read. It’s distracting it’s so bad. And what the fuck is with using the word “Native” like 10 times? Is that a woke thing?
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    New toy.........Armalite AR10 National Match

    The Brown slings are stiff. I mean STIFF. I have one in a clone-shooter 1903 A1 vintage sniper and that sling is like working a brick, but it’s damn nice. Edit. Fixed rifle nomenclature
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    Rifle Scopes Elcan 1-4x vs Acog+RMR, help me out.

    Curious why? Mount weaker than the old Docter/JPoint? Cheek weld? Or….. ?
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    Who wins in a cqb situation

    Take into account he’s selling shit. Cool, aggressive names helps market stuff. Not taking one thing away from him, he sighed his name in the dotted line, went and did Gods work and came out the other end with a heart still open enough to want to help other learn to help themselves. That...
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    Is The NFA the next domino to fall?

    Fighting back against an unjust or immoral law is one thing. Fighting the cops over a Misdemeanor is fucking stupid. (Not saying that’s what you’re implying, I understand your sentiment) I’m not where you are yet. As someone who still believes in the rule of law and doesn’t want to see...
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    Mike Tyson & Bill Maher Debate Gun Control & Mass Shootings

    I don’t see how either of the major parties are saved at this point. Most of these shitbags have been in Congress almost as long as I have been alive and I’m approaching 50. So these same assholes who fucked everything up are going to one day wake up and be like “Oops, may bad. We’ll go back.”...
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    Is The NFA the next domino to fall?

    @SilentStalkr is exactly right. Sanctuary cities. Open violations of election law. Failure to enforce drug laws. Failure to enforce immigration law. Demonization of law as a means to not change it but ignore it. The list goes on and on. There is no price to pay for openly violating laws...
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    Mike Tyson & Bill Maher Debate Gun Control & Mass Shootings

    The video games (and movies) absolutely contribute to desensitization of young minds to violence and de-humanization. People become targets for score. For a developing mind, there is no way it cannot have an impact. Movies are the same way. A violent video game when I grew up was maybe some...