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  1. NY700

    A little IWI to the collection

    Been looking for something a little different and came across a deal from PSA on a BLEM ( not that I can find the blemish Gen2 16” 7.62x39
  2. NY700

    M1A National Match Scope vortex vs Primary Arms

    Ok guys I have a M1A NM that is surprisingly accurate. I’m not shooting comps it’s basically just a really fun range gun. Want to throw a scope on it. Want something in that 5x range. Been looking at either the vortex pst II 2-10x or the primary arms. Glx 2.5-10x. I have a 50% off vortex...
  3. NY700

    2 barrels which caliber for each

    I currently am running a Tikka Tac A1 in 6.5 creedmoor. Outside of it being typically tikka slow it has been flawless and accurate but the barrel has some mileage. I currently am sitting on two 6.5 blanks 1st is a 26” Bartlein 5r 6.5 M24 LH gain twist 1-8.25-7.5 2nd is a 26”...
  4. NY700

    Spotting scope eyepiece adapters

    I currently have a Celeste on Regal M2 spotter. Honestly I think image quality on this thing punches well above its weight class. Only drawback is there is not reticle eyepiece availability. There are adapters for Swaro and Kowa and others to convert those scope to more tradition 1.25” eyepieces...
  5. NY700

    ZCO trouble shoot

    Been awhile since I set up my rifle with my ZCO 527. Maybe I’m wrong and just not remembering correctly, but doesn’t the ZCO like the us optics allow for full use of the elevation range once You zero it? was at the range today and noticed I couldn’t get to the third rev. So I went through the...
  6. NY700

    A&D FX120 issues help needed

    So I’m having a hard time getting my scale to stabilize. I have the top on and side screens on. No major drafts. I have it plugged into a UPS its level and I left it plugged in for a day powered up so it’s definitely warmed up. It’s in my garage 87* and 50% Any ideas on what to do.
  7. NY700

    90gr ATip in 224 valkyrie

    Came into a box of 90gr Atips. Has anyone tried them or worked up a load for 224 Valkyrie?
  8. NY700

    Range Report Help selecting Load 6.5 Creedmoor 135gr ATip RL16

    So after my last test a few months back with H4350 I was super disappointed in the numbers and Sds all over the board. My long awaited shipment of RL16 came in so I loaded up so loads. Super promising. I will pull Labradar data later today but from what I looked at while at the range it was...
  9. NY700

    Hornady Bullet feeder issues

    I recently added the Hornady Bullet Feeder to my Lock n Load AP set up. it’s picking the bullets up well and it will drop a few into the tube but then in side the plastic piece it will get hung up at the transition to the town tube and jam. Any ideas how to correct this?
  10. NY700

    Gunsmithing Mosin nagant bolt play

    I have a couple mosin nagants. I feel like the bolt on one has an exceptional amount of play in it. Wondering if this is normal , acceptable, safe? the first bolt is the one I’m concerned with the second off of a 1944 carbine is much tighter.
  11. NY700

    My 70 year old mother said she thought she should have an AR15

    Something I never thought I would hear my super liberal, former flower child hippie mother say...”I think I should have an AR15 in the house.” now as much as I support having something for home and personal defense this is not what i expected. now about a month ago I took her to the range for...
  12. NY700

    Simple Hack to speed up reloading

    So yes inline fabrication makes some great stuff and I have a few of their products but couldn’t bring my self to pay for a bracket to hold a cup full of projectiles in a more ergonomic position to reduce movement. found this super cheap clamp on phone/tablet holder. Recycled an old iPhone box...
  13. NY700

    Maggie’s Plant ID

    Wondering if anyone can ID a plant for me. moved into a new place and this is popping up in an area where the prior owner had a garden
  14. NY700

    Optics WTB Celestron LER eyepiece

    Looking for the fixed LER eyepiece for celestron Regal M2
  15. NY700

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Need help finding part for gen3 glock

    I would like to put a magwell on my glock 17 gen 3 mom looking for a minimalist mag well not a huge race gun mag well I have an older gen3 that has the u-notch in the front and it appears most of the magwell s are for the later versions. Anyone have any suggestions?
  16. NY700

    Optics WTB Celestron LER eyepiece

    Looking for a celestron LER eyepiece like the one in the link
  17. NY700

    Optics Traded silencerco Radius for Sig Kilo3000bdx

    Trade pending I have a silencerco radius. Caps and remote switch I may still have the box looking to trade for Sig Kilo3000BDX
  18. NY700

    Sidearms & Scatterguns New to Glock

    So I recently picked up a glock. A good ole gen3 glock 17. Appears to have more holster wear than anything else and even has glock night sight that still glow opened the case to find the usual paperwork and envelop with test round. So I was curious and opened the envelope and I was surprised...
  19. NY700

    Help w/ new kestrel

    I recently picked up the 5700 sportsman from Dale at camera land and while I wait for my upgrade download to come through I was playing around with it loaded up my profile for the 135gr ATip and noticed a huge difference between the kestrel andBallisticArc was holding someone could assist on...
  20. NY700

    First loads with 135gr Atip

    Finally got around to loading some of the new 135gr Atip bullets. Accuracy was decent, was not happy with SD/ES thoughts and input on where to go from here would be greatly appreciated. Equipment Rifle: Factory Tikka Tac A1 Scope: ZC 527 Temp started at 70* quickly rose to 85* with heavy...