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    Scope/Spotter bag or backpack

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but just wondering if anyone transports their glass separately from their rifles? I have two rifles that I want to transport through TSA but the case will only fit both of them if there's no scope. I have sunshades on both optics(Athlon Midas TAC and...
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    Ring height suggestion for CZ457 with Area 419 30moa and Athlon Cronus

    I have a CZ457 Varmint coming in and have also ordered an Area 419 30moa base. I currently have an Athlon Cronus 4.5-29x56 that I want to throw on there that also has a 3" sunshade and Aadmount caps on there. Looking to order a set of ARC rings before everything gets here but does anyone know...
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    Rifle Scopes .22lr CZ 457 scope suggestions

    Budget is what I paid for the rifle OTD; ~$600, though a little flexible if there's a significant increase in glass quality. Initially I was looking at finding a used Strike Eagle or Athlon Midas Tac (56mm obj) scopes but came across the Arken EP5. Are these a good buy at their price point or...
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    Spotters Terrible experience: Athlon Ares G2 UHD with 22x MRAD

    I'm not sure how many people are running this setup, but I cannot for the life of me get this thing to work. FIrst issue was when I tried installing the eyepiece, it twisted the little piece/o-ring on the spotter. Sent that back and got a replacement spotter; 22x eyepiece wouldn't even go on...
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    Anyone run Spuhr direct mount on a left handed Tikka?

    Haven't shot it yet(was hoping to this Memorial Day weekend), but has anyone run a Spuhr direct scope mount on a left handed Tikka or Sako? It looks like it was designed specifically for RH since it hangs over the ejection port on a lefty. I can't flip it since it's a 7mil mount.
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    Cleaner 3/4 adapter for Area 419 Hellfire?

    This is purely for cosmetic reasons, but recently got a Match Hellfire instead of Sidewinder for my 300wsm build. Anyways, never realized how the 3/4 mount looked. I tried to look up the thread pitch to mount a Hellfire brake/Maverick directly to the barrel but don't see it listed...
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    Suppressors "Braked-suppressor" options; leaning towards Area 419 Maverick

    Just wondering if any new or other options besides Area 419 Maverick and Silencerco Omega? I'm leaning towards the Maverick right now mainly because of how modular it is (one can for 16" AR308, 20" 300wsm, and 24" 300wm). For those that used it, does the brake help with the magnums much at...
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    300WSM short barrel/twist with factory ammo

    I'm looking to build a rifle around ammo that's available on the shelf (180gr & 200gr loads). What's a short barrel length I can get away with and what twist? Looking to shoot 1000yds(that's furthest I can shoot back home in NC, though I'm in CO right now). Only similar build I can find was...
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    Rifle Scopes Suggestions for lightweight FFP MRAD scope; PA GLx

    What is the platform for the scope? Semi-Auto S&W M&P10 w/ 16" Faxon barrel What cartridge are you shooting? 168gr and 175gr .308win What is your intended use for the scope? Majority target/steel; combo. Lightweight build. What type of conditions will you typically shoot in? Mainly daylight...