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  1. KNIGHT11B4

    Introductory *SALE* on Hawk Hill Custom Precision Cut Rifled Barrels!

    Guys, These barrels are sick! I have several and will be ordering more soon. The only down side to this deal is that you guys will be cutting into my barrel supplier! ha ha. In all honesty, Hawk Hill is a super stand up company backed by great people. If you even think you need a barrel...
  2. KNIGHT11B4

    New Guy in Grovetown, GA (Augusta / Fort Gordon)

    We have monthly LR meet at the TASC. PM me if interested.
  3. KNIGHT11B4

    Terrapin issues

    Could you please post it. I have no need for it now but would like it for possible future reference.... hopefully never.
  4. KNIGHT11B4

    Hunting & Fishing HD Coolers

    Ah yea... wish they did.
  5. KNIGHT11B4

    Hunting & Fishing HD Coolers

    The igloo Yukon has models with great wheels.
  6. KNIGHT11B4

    Hunting & Fishing HD Coolers

    Your test is less than substantial. Try the same thing with a yeti or other cooler and you will get the same result. A more accurate test would be to get 2 coolers with very similar internal capacity. Keep them both in the s same room until they are the same temp then fill with ice completely...
  7. KNIGHT11B4

    Hunting & Fishing HD Coolers

    I own several Igloo Yukon coolers, they are light years from your standard cooler. I know Ill draw fire from the fans by saying this but they blow a Yeti out of the water. They are worth every penny and live up to the challenge. Super well thought out, well built, and keeps ice a looooong time...
  8. KNIGHT11B4

    Introducing the BASE CPS - Competition Primer Seater

    Apparently we haven't met... Hi Im Ryan with Precision Tactical Solutions... going full retard is what we do best lol. Thanks for the link... going to have to think hard about this one.
  9. KNIGHT11B4

    Introducing the BASE CPS - Competition Primer Seater

    Im on the fence... cant decide whether to jump over or not. Any warranty info available please?
  10. KNIGHT11B4

    Night Vision Pvs-7???

    No, hold for a 14.
  11. KNIGHT11B4

    20" 260, Which Bullet?

    I know I said 140 hybrids earlier, but I should have included these. Pat nailed it.
  12. KNIGHT11B4

    20" 260, Which Bullet?

    140 hybrid over H4350. Start about 15-20 thou off the lands and it should be good through the whole life of the barrel. Charge weight will depend on which brass you are using.
  13. KNIGHT11B4

    Preferred sling for competition

    The Armageddon Gear slings kick ass... Carbine Sling All the features that are needed and none that are a waste of space.
  14. KNIGHT11B4

    Steel target questions

    Ar500... 3/8 or 1/2. Call Ryan at Big Dog Steel, he is great and will take care of you.
  15. KNIGHT11B4

    Tag, I was interested in buying one of these systems but want to see the outcome of this.
  16. KNIGHT11B4

    PTS Precision Rifle Match, Aug 2-3

    Sorry thought they would show larger... try this...
  17. KNIGHT11B4

    PTS Precision Rifle Match, Aug 2-3

    Scores... will follow up with a recap once I get settled back in at home.
  18. KNIGHT11B4

    PTS Precision Rifle Match, Aug 2-3

    I will post all results later today.