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    I have confused myself( not hard we Marines do it often)

    Simple enoug to answer, yes I have used the search function, and yes I understand, nut still confused myself if I think about it. To start off I got into an argument today with my father over distance and scope adjustments. He proved me wrong or right, I think. Argument bullet on the 308...
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    Hunting & Fishing Upset with silvertips performance.

    Let me start off with it was still a one shot one kill, no the doe did not run off and dropped in place. However, I am upset because of bullet performance. This is the second "bad" kill I have had using these 150 grain silver tips in .308, factory loads. I am generally a Barns guy but I...
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    Hunting & Fishing Yup, Not My Brightest Idea....

    I just thought I would share a moment of pure genius I did yesterday. I know I will have hell to pay for this here and feel free to take all the shots at me you will( I am sure there will be plenty)..... but feel free to chime in with your stupid hunting ideas, bravados, mistakes. After all we...
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    25 yrd sight in question.

    Simple Question. But limited lack of funds and 100 yrd range. Sighting in a BRO 308 with Vortex high rings and Vortex 50mm scope raises my center line of scope from center line of bore quite a bit. With bolt guns,I usually sight in .25 high at 25 yrds and get a 100 yrd zero or damn close...
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    Maggie’s OxyMorons thread

    starting this thread to see how many oxymorons we can gome up with. Ill start. Near Miss - WTF never understood this wouldn't a near miss be a hit.
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    Asteroid incomming.

    Relax, and the Zombies will just have to wait. Asteroid will miss us. Passing between us and the moon roughly 5-6 pm this Tuesday nite( Nov 8, 2011)
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    Gunsmithing Price Check on new purchase

    I bought a Sears&Robuck 20G pump with 28"polly Choke barrel. No majior defects the wood(stock and forarm) looks to be unfinnished oak. No rust, well kept. I do believe Sears quit stamping firearms in 1975 and quit selling them in 1980. I gave $50 dollars for it. Any help on the possible price...
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    California- Weed yes, Cigs no

    This is bullcrap. Saw this on Fox News today. I cannnot smoke in public UNLESS it is pot.
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    Rifle Scopes scope for my boy

    OK, first I know this is reduntant, SECOND, I am getting my 12yr old son a Larue .308Predator with surefire muzzel break for christmass this year. This will be his first HP rifle from me( actually I am trying to talk the wife in letting me get 2 of them hehehehe). I plan to teach him the joys...
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    My neighbor getting sued over dog bite.

    Several weeks ago my neighbors house was broke into. They own a 4yr old Genman Sheperd that has full reign of the house and yard. That is to say it can go it and out anytime it wants with or without the owners being at home. Anyway, someone broke into his house while he was away. His GS...
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    Gunsmithing Looking for paint prices

    I am looking for a good painter to paint a Savage BA-110 in a specific coloration. I have a snake skin of a Mojave Green rattlesnake. The pattern is like a dimondback but lighter and with circle patterns also the skin has a tint of yellow/greenish in the sunlight. But not shiney or florecent...
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    THATS IT.. I QUIT!!!!!!!

    Today is day one starting CHANTIX.... I am ready to QUIT SMOKING. I have ben smoking for over 20years now and time for me to quit, I am ready and I want to. Starting this post as a way to well monitor my own progress. and maby get suport from those people that know how to suport. shooters...
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    Dad is onna kill me!!! watch

    might wanna fast forward this to the end.
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    Never trust someone elses reload

    why either factory or my personal reloads will ever be shot through my weapons.
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    Redneck calls 911
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    What Dog to get........

    Recently our family has lost our loving dog a Pit/American Bulldog solid black went by the name Sergeant. Me and the wife have decided on one of these three types of breeds. We do live in Twentynine Palms Cali crime here is relitivly high with the meth heads. My house is one of 3 (inside dog...
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    chamber pressures increase with suppressor

    Ok I have not reloaded in a while, havent needed too but I am getting back into shooting and reloading. Never used a supressor but I am thinking of getting one for shooting outside Cali. N-Eways. was reading in a Tactical Weapons mag today about suppressors. ( The Science of Silencers pg50)...
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    Rifle Scopes YOUR scope ring/mount critiques please

    Looking for critques for scope rings. Rating them for the importance of functionality, setup, and then looks in both practical and tactical. Please include your opinions on what rings to avoid like the plague. Thank you.
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    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace 5-25x50 Tactical opinions please

    OK looking at buying a Falcon Menace 5-25x50 Tactical 30mm Riflescope funds are cheep till some coinage is saved up for a Leopold. Anyone have anything good/bad to say about the Falcon Menace. I did not see any reviews in the forums for this. I will be shooting it on a BA-110 338LM. Looking...