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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Freedom Arms newer firing pin?

    So I found a lnib m83 with a spare cylinder and knew it was an older premier model. Does anyone have a pic of the newer removable firing pin? I know they have had a couple styles and am wondering if I should go ahead and have mine updates.
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    Left bolt by a righty?

    I know some benchrest shooters have shot a left handed rifle being a right handed person, but do people still try this? I was looking at Annie's awhile back and got hit by bills so never continued. Anyways , I found a nice left handed Annie for a great price and thought about trying it out, it...
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    Hunting & Fishing The Hill People Serape ?

    Has anyone tried one of these? Looked like something useful and has primaloft but is a pound heavier than a Kifaru Woobie. Thoughts.
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    New tattoo ?

    Any comments on a pledge of allegiance tat framed on a forearm? Looked at the author so have second thoughts.
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    AI AE MK3 gear shake down help please.

    So after selling my TRG a few years ago I finally got another good rifle. I have about 6 weeks before I can get everything together but wanted the hide's opinion on my final selection of gear for it. First is it better(hard?) to remove the pic rail and run a mount on the dovetail? Decided a...
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    Suppressors Form 4 good news and bad news today!

    Like to post things I haven't read about on here for others to see. I sent in a form 4 and had my check cashed three times back in October for ONE stamp. It took my bank(former) until January to straighten it out, and today I got a letter back stating I had supplied no description for the other...
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    FYI 3 1827's fs new at

    Champions choice has 3 in stock on their site, first time I saw any in stock. Picked up an Ai mk3 in December and am saving for a scope still, so I have to pass, but eventually will have one less gun on my to buy list.
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    Suppressors Might want to use money orders for tax stamp payments cuz...

    They used the check to set up an ach payment, shows as an automatic payment from my account. Only thing is it came out twice, then the check was honored a week later, so 600 came out of my account for a 200 dollar stamp. Took a week to get a provisional credit from my bank and me flipping out...
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    Suppressors SWR Spectre ll in Ohio

    Anyone know where one is in stock or am I going to have to wait for a transfer?
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    Suppressors trust/w Certificate or Compliance yes or no?

    Ok. just as it says, ? don"t recall sending one last time on a trust route, and was given one to send into, with the next. Also is it still 2 copies of the form 4 and 1 of the trust?
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    No more poncho-w-liner for a "tent", is my old crew tent good?

    Ok need a durable tent for at least 3 seasons, and was wondering if getting a surplus crew tent I used when on bradleys, is still decent or just stupid. I thought they were big and well made, and too big. Any suggestions? I know I can find lighter but more durable? Going to be used for camp...
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    Movie Theater John dies at the end.

    Take a lot of chances on movies and get a bunch of junk but this one I enjoyed. A couple famous people and a few that are new with the people that made Phantasm and some other horror movies with humor. It's a gore/comedy that is weird and different. Probably will buy it for 5 bucks where I...
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    Any .22 Folders?

    So got to wondering after the last time I had my now gone cz in the woods and the annie I traded off if they would have been funner in a folder carried in a pack, so far the only folders I can find are for 10/22's, anyone ask for manners to put a cz in a folder? or any others?
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    Hunting & Fishing Please help me get a deer with my fathers bow.

    Ok, one month and two day's ago my father died without warning, I now have black powder pistols and a couple 45's and a bow he had since iI was a kid. In his honor I plan to get a deer this season with it, it is a shakespear-recurve (sp?) 55 draw and 58 pull length i will have gone over . My...
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    Movie Theater Tomorrow when the war began/ Boy Wonder

    First is a aussy style red dawn, great scenery worth watching, second is worth watching also, a vigilante smart kid who gets revenge, no special effects but good. Simple and to the point.
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    Ai Ae adding a buttspike?

    Found a post and a page on an ai dealers site stating the mkll's could be orded with a buttspike now, is this true? I asked mile high and they said no, was wondering if it can be added somehow.
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    Maggie’s World's Worst Mom?
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    Maggie’s I love bmx leg break.
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    Movie Theater 13 Assassins

    A friend tipped me off about this, looks like it could be very good, older styled, hope it's as good as the old Shogun Assassin.
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    Suppressors Trg-22w/Tigershark suppressor demo video.

    Figured I would share this video, thanks to Tom Sarver at TVP for having a long range in his backyard and the demo.