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    Hunting & Fishing Looking to shoot prairie dogs in Montana

    I'm a Canadian and I would love to drive down to Montana and shoot prairie dogs for a weekend with my dad. I've shot a few PRS matches, hunted my whole life but prairie dogs are a threatened species up here and I think it would be a blast to get a good shoot in some day. Does anyone on here...
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    Barrel Painting Ideas

    I got a new 223 trainer barrel spun up recently. I want to paint it myself but not sure what pattern to go with. Looking for some inspiration on how to rattlecan this thing and still have it look good.
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    Rubber Damping added to a stock?

    I used to run a foundation stock and loved the damping characteristics of micarta. I ended up selling it just because it didn't fit quite right and I switched to a Manners TCS. It's not as bad as a chassis IMO for recoil vibration but it's still there. MDT has the new rubber kit that will...
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    Help me decide what to build

    I have the urge to build a new custom rifle but I don't know what direction to go. I currently have my 6 Dasher match rifle in a Manners TCS, and I have a Carbon/steel Switch barrel 6.5 Creed in a Manners T5A that I use for some practice with the steel barrel, and as a hunting rifle with the...
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    New bullet lot issues

    I switched to a new lot of 105 hybrids in my 6 dasher last week. I did not change anything else in my load. I took my newly loaded rounds to the range and I’m experiencing pressure that I’ve never dealt with before. I chrono’d the rounds and I’m up from 2920 to 2950-60 now. I’m running 32.2gr...
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    Recommend me a new rangefinder

    I currently have a Sig Kilo 2000. I love it for summer hunting with the red reticle that adjusts for ambient light, its unreal fast and ranges pretty well to 6-800 yards on targets and further on hillsides. My issue I have with it is that it really sucks when it gets cold (<20F) and when...
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    Atlas CAL - Slop/play in cant mechanism

    I've got a genuine Atlas CAL Gen 2 NC w/ Area 419 arca clamp and lately I've been noticing some slop in the cant mechanism that I don't remember before. When the podloc lever is left loose, I can cant the bipod side to side slightly with zero tension before it grabs tension. When the podloc...
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    Rifle Scopes Help me find a LR Hunting Scope

    First off, I'm not new to scopes and know the differences out there. I'm pretty well versed in the high mag match scopes but I'm looking more for a scope for a LR hunting rifle. I currently have a Razor AMG on my match rifle and don't want to move it over. I also have a Gen 2 PST 5-25 on my...
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    Which 105 Hybrid Profile?

    I have a Kestrel 5700 elite and just started shooting a 6 dasher. When I went to build my ballistics profile in the kestrel app, I noticed there are like 15 different options for the Berger 105 hybrid in the library. I picked the original AB profile, but I was just wondering what the...
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    Fireforming question - 6 Dasher

    I'm going to be fireforming 6 dasher soon here. I've heard a couple schools of thought on this. One is to just load a bullet, jam .020 - .030 with 30gr of varget and pull the trigger. The second is to false shoulder with a mandrel and also jam a bullet. What, if any, benefit is there to...
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    Kestrel 5700 Elite Windage

    Hey, I have been playing with my kestrel 5700 to figure out my MPH gun with my 6.5 Creedmoor. Its running Berger 130gr AR hybrids at about 2875fps. I am also using the custom curve as I have found that the elevation calculations are pretty much perfect out to at least 1100. I set target...
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    Impact Dasher Questions

    I'm getting a 6 Dasher spun up on an Impact action for this season. This is my first foray into the BR cases. I know an impact can be ordered with the standard AICS cut or an AW cut. I'm just wondering what the best combo is for mags, Dasher and an Impact? Will 6 Dasher feed well out of AW...
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    Gunsmithing ZAP Action wrench fit in Impact?

    I have an R700 ZAP action wrench for my Surgeon 591. I'm considering getting an Impact action and was just wondering if my ZAP wrench will work or if I'll have to buy the Impact wrench as well?
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    H4350 in 6 Dasher

    Looking to put together a 6 Dasher for the season and I have a ton of H4350 laying around from my 6.5 Creed. Just curious if anyone is having success with H4350 in a dasher? Looking to run a 105 at about 2950.
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    Is SD a factor of your reloading, or the rifle? or both?

    I got thinking about this last night after a couple pops and I figured I'd ask the more knowledgeable here. We always chase a small SD for our loads, that part makes sense. We want the most consistent load to avoid vertical dispersion at distance. However I started to wonder what truly...
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    Stage ideas for beginners

    I figured this was the best place to put it after a bunch of searching on the forums. I am a member at a range that has about 75-80 steel targets scattered among the hills out to 950 yards. It is a great spot, but yet I am literally the only member I know of that has shot PRS. I was...
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    Hunting & Fishing 2019 Smoke pole 210" Mule deer

    This past Saturday I finally filled my mule deer tag with my muzzleloader. I passed him up last year with archery hoping he would grow a lot bigger this year but a poor growing year and him actually being 7 years old, not 4 like we thought brought him into the crosshairs this fall. Last time I...
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    Savage 338 Issue - Need some help

    My buddy gave me his Savage 110-BA 338 Lapua to do some load development for. I've never loaded for 338 before but figured I'd give it a shot. I followed the Nosler load manual and did a bunch of reading on here and went with this load to start. It is listed as a mid-range load in the Nosler...
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    Harris Bipod Swivel tension adjustment

    I have a Harris HBRMS that I fairly recently put an Area 419 ARCA clamp and adaptor on. I now find that the swivel tension keeps loosening off on me fairly quickly. I'll tighten the larger nut down so it has desired tension, but when I put it on my rifle and swivel it back and forth a bit, the...
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    What Gear would help me most?

    Let's start off by saying I probably don't "NEED" any more gear... but we all know that's not the mentality of most of us in this game. I've done alright in local matches (top 5 out of 50-60 shooters) with my current setup of rifle, gamechanger, harris bipod and borrowing a tripod or extra bag...