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    Firearms $1200 Left Hand Stiller TAC 30/AI 6.5 Creedmoor barreled action

    Selling my Stiller left hand Tac30 AI 6.5 Creedmoor barreled action. Barrel and action, 20 MOA base, I’m keeping my brake and trigger for current build. Has an MTU contour Bartlein on it 1:8 twist. Has hello kitty laser engraved on barrel. (Smith is a friend of mine, giving me shit!)...
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    SOLD Bullets sold pending funds. Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor brass new. 139 grain Lapua Scenars 4000 rounds. Bullets are all sold pending funds. .

    11 boxes of new Hornady 50 count 6.5 Creedmoor brass $400 shipped 4000 139 Lapua Scenars for 6.5 mm $1500 shipped for whole lot. $400 shipped per 1000 if I have to split them up.
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    Ball ammo projectiles 50 BMG

    Anyone have a line on 50 BMG ball projectiles at decent price?
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    Firearms SOLD PENDING FUNDS Desert Tech HTI 375 CT and 50 BMG $6000

    Desert Tech HTI with 375 Cheytac conversion. 1:9 twist Bartlein chambered by DMR in Las Vegas. 50 BMG don’t remember twist but I went with a faster twist to run some of the new cutting edge bullets. Also chambered by DMR. 375 barrel has 400 rounds through it. 50 barrel has 125 rounds through it...
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    Optics Gen 3 D-930 clip on and DBAL-D2 ***price drop*** $3000 SOLD

    D-930 Clip on NV gen 3 DBAL-D2 IR illuminator Clip on night vision. Designed to attach to a 50mm objective day scope. scope originally sold for $4900 The illuminator was around $1500 selling to finance my rifle ADD. Great price for someone looking to get in to A NV set up for a reasonable...
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    Optics USO 5x25x58 TPAL 34 mm tube $2000

    5x25x58 TPAL RDP-MOA reticle EREK elevation knob 1/4 MOA KNOBS push button illumination ARD (honey comb sunshade) Seekins 34 mm rings Tan color. scope has scratches on finish from running in NRL/PRS matches. Great glass for a great price. Working on another build and trying to keep the...
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    Accessories XLR CARBON LITE CHASSIS $500 shipped SOLD

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    Accessories COLDSHOT MOAB 150 MOA $300 Sold pending funds

    I’m running Charlie Tarac now.
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    Firearms 6.5 SAUM $2000 for complete rifle SOLD PENDING FUNDS

    Pierce Titanium action PROOF Carbon fiber wrapped barrel (600-800 estimated round count) Jewel trigger JP Recoil eliminator brake XLR Carbon lite chassis 20 MOA base from Pierce Great shooter, I am gonna build another one, but I’m a lefty so I’m gonna build the new one as a lefty.
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    Mount for Charlie Tarac to Vortex Razor HD $200

    Maybe you have a Tarac and want to be able to mount it to another scope? I just picked up a Charlie that came with the adapter. I’m gonna be running it with a NF and don’t even own a Vortex.
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    50% off JJ Rock long or short action $350

    Picked this up on prize table but didn’t realize they didn’t do lefties.
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    Mindreader1 is gtg!

    Great buyer, no drama, good communication and fast payment, would definitely not hesitate to do business with him.
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    Hunting & Fishing Pelt care in back country

    Just throwing this out there to see if anyone has any suggestions for the best way to keep a hide in good shape while hunting the back country. I shot a yote last year first day up there, I skinned him out and just balled it up and we packed it out but it was 8 days later. By the time I got it...
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    Hunting & Fishing Last Year's Wyoming hunt pics w/music

    Warning this is a long video...Something my family put together for me, pretty cool way to remember an amazing hunt. YouTube
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    Hunting & Fishing New Gear I am going to try out this fall...

    We are doing a drop camp in the Bob Marshall Wilderness area in Montana. I currently have a small tent heater that works reasonably well, especially when I am hunting by myself in a small one man tent. I will be in an 8 man tent hunting with a buddy, this is the second drop camp we have done...
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    Fieldcraft Hecs

    Anyone running the HECS Camo for hunting? I just ordered a set. Not sure if it's voodoo bs or not, but figured I would give it a go. Would love to hear some feedback if any of y'all have used it. I am doing a back country hunt in September in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness Area for...
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    Hunting & Fishing Montana Bob Marshall Wilderness Area early season rifle hunt

    Getting ready for my Montana hunt. We are doing a drop camp in the Bob Marshall with Mills Outdoor Adventures out of Augusta Montana. We are going in near the confluence of the White river and the Southfork of the White River. We will be near the Chinese Wall and Needle Falls (atleast within...
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    It's alive! Looking forward to sending some rounds down range! See how far we can push our ELR game! Stiller TAC 408 action, Benchmark no contour 1.250" Barrel sprial fluted, Ross Schuler Brake, Jewel Trigger, McRee Chassis in multi-cam by Custom Gun Coatings, 7 Round Mag, Atlas Bipod, BT...