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    Dillon 650 extruded powders

    So my buddy let me have his Dillon 650 for a while. Stared with 9mm and it ran good. Then I changed it over to .223 and all hell broke loose. I load Varget in most of my guns and that P.O.S. will not drop it. So is it me or the press? It was drop 1.5-2 grains difference between drops...
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    Got an RRA LAR-8 about two months ago,it ran good until I shot about 200 rounds out of it and now it jams up on the second from last round ever time and the bolt will not stay locked open. Same problem or something different? Is it the gun or the mags.
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    Rifle Scopes The difference Falcon Scopes good or BAD

    Looking at Falcon scopes, What the difference between the EMD MOA, ML MOA and the ML 16 MOA? good or bad for the mony?
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    Magnum Research 17 HM2 Barrel

    Are Magnum Research's barrels any good. What should I expect 1/2 moa
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    Priming tools

    What is a better tool for the job? I was looking at the three different priming tools by RCBS and they are the Automatic priming tool, Hand priming tool, and the Ram priming unit. which is better or is there a differance?