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  1. bm11

    Cigar thread 2.0

    Well, it's that time of year again, and I figure it's a great opportunity to start a "What Are You Smoking" thread. Post up what you've smoked recently for cigars (pictures included) along with what you paired it with, tasting notes, etc. Tonight I'm...
  2. bm11

    KAC SR-15 LPR range report, with 16 groups posted.

    I've had my LPR for a few weeks now, and felt I owed it to the hide to post up a range report in return for all the advice I got pre purchase. First, a picture of the setup to keep those of you with ADD interested...
  3. bm11

    Suppressors "The Dip" is more poisonous than hydrogen cyanide?

    I'll be sure to douche it with something. Thanks guys!
  4. bm11

    Suppressors "The Dip" is more poisonous than hydrogen cyanide?

    Thanks guys! I bought gloves tonight and remembered to use my safety glasses too. I funneled the solution into a bottle and sealed it up, now I just need to find a hazmat facility. So far I'm not dead, but I suppose it takes longer than that...
  5. bm11

    Suppressors "The Dip" is more poisonous than hydrogen cyanide?

    I kid, but reading on line has gotten me a bit paranoid! I used my Surefire MINI with a FH556-212 adapter for 600 or so rounds rather than the brake that I run on other guns. It apparently causes different buildup on the inside of the can, and I couldn't get it on my brake adapter after. Long...
  6. bm11

    How old when you first broke 1000 yds?

    26 years old.
  7. bm11

    Is a SCAR 17 really worth the asking price?

    I think they are a really nice battle rifle platform, and in that role, they perform fantastically. If you want a semi auto precision rifle, there are better choices.
  8. bm11

    SR25 ER MAMS install

    Yes the barrel needs to be threaded. The shims are for timing it, IE, making sure the post that is supposed to clock at 12:00, clocks at 12:00. Generally they are 3/4x24, though they do make a 5/8x24 model now too. And a 5.56 model (1/2x28) now that I think of it, too.
  9. bm11

    KAC USMC M110 Carbine

    I have the 45 degree offsets that came with my ECC, and agree that the 200-600m rear sight was an odd choice. I can't picture having an optic mounted (a Mk6 3-18 H58 in my case) and using the irons for anything other than up close. I've just decided to use them as a CQB sight, and ignoring the...
  10. bm11

    jcvibby rebar stands REVIEW

    That's good problem solving. I like it!
  11. bm11

    Finnfire II

    SAKO FINNFIRE II *NEW* Sako Finnfire II - Finnfire II for Sale!
  12. bm11

    **ROUND4 !!** 100YARD+, SEMI-AUTO, 6group, 30round SHOOTOUT!

    The new Larue rifles appear to be absolute hammers. I may "need" one.
  13. bm11

    **ROUND4 !!** 100YARD+, SEMI-AUTO, 6group, 30round SHOOTOUT!

    ^^^thats some of the best shooting I've seen with a .308 AR. Nice work!
  14. bm11

    Accuracy International Pics

    What bipod is that?
  15. bm11

    The Archer and the Arrow - A Discussion

    Standing, kneeling, or sitting, it's the Indian. Otherwise, it's the bow and the arrow. Anyone who is shooting 3 moa at 50y prone off a bipod and blaming their ability and not their gear should quit and take up golf.
  16. bm11

    Sidearms & Scatterguns S&W Model 41 vintages

    Shooting offhand can you really notice a difference? I consider myself a better handgun shot than most of the local range guys, and I doubt my personal skill is enough to resolve the difference in quality ammo vs cheap. My Buckmark is the most accurate pistol I own, I never delved into the...
  17. bm11

    Maggie’s Good 'budget' Scotch?

    Any time you find yourself in Central Maine, please feel free to look me up. You can sample any spirits I have on hand, and drink as much as you want of whatever two varieties of draft beer I have on hand at the time.
  18. bm11

    Rifle Scopes Leupold Mark 6

    I recommend splurging and getting the H58 version. I have a 1-6 CMR-W and I regret it because the bullet weights and velocities need to match up for the reticle to work correctly. With the Horus, you can hold the right solution no matter the distance. It's fast.