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  1. trevor300wsm

    Brands/Options for a 13.7” barrel

    I’ve been out of the AR scene for a few years now. I’m needing a 13.7” barrel for a rifle I’m wanting to build. Cost isn’t really a factor. What are some current options? Brands? Properly sized gas port would be nice. Thanks,
  2. trevor300wsm

    Accessories Sold: MDT ACC for Rem700/Impact SA complete setup

    I have a like new MDT ACC chassis. I tried it out. Shot about 50-55 rounds with it. Just not my thing. crimson red Butt-stock weights Complete set of internal weights (5pcs). Complete set of external fore-end weights (4 pair) Vertical adjustable grip (Black) I’ll take $1300 shipped for it all...
  3. trevor300wsm

    Accessories *Sold*New Mystery Ranch Metcalf pack in Coyote tan

    I have a brand new Mystery Ranch Metcalf pack in coyote tan. I bought this last month, but I have decided to go with a different brand. This pack is brand new. Never used. Never been out of my house. I can provide proof of date of purchase if needed. The belt is a size medium. I have a 33” waist...
  4. trevor300wsm

    Accessories WTB: Kifaru packs and pouches

    I’m looking for good DEALS on Kifaru packs and pouches. If you have some gear you aren’t using and want to get rid of, let me know. I’m not looking for anything that is ripped or stained up. Send me a PM with what you have. Thanks.
  5. trevor300wsm

    Accessories SOLD New Eberlestock H2 Gunrunner

    I have a new H2 Gunrunner pack that I don’t need. It’s been hanging in my gun room for a while. I think I tried it on, but it’s never been out of the house. Just hanging on the wall. The color is Dry Earth. It does not have the tags on it. I’m not going to use it and I figured I’d try to pass on...
  6. trevor300wsm

    WTS/WTT: NEW Sitka Kelvin Active jacket XL

    I have a brand new Sitka Kelvin Active jacket (non hooded). It is still in the plastic with the tags on it. Never worn. The color is sub-alpine. The size is XL. I will make someone a good deal on this, or I will trade it for a Kelvin Lite Hoody. Needs to be new, same color, same size (or tall...
  7. trevor300wsm


    Merry Christmas to all......
  8. trevor300wsm

    WTS/WTT: Sitka Mountain pants (NEW WITH TAGS)

    I ordered some new Sitka clothing and since I wasn’t sure what size I needed, I got multiple sizes of a few things. Rather than ship them back, I thought I’d try to pass along a good deal to the members here or do some trading. I have a brand new pair of Mountain Pants. Tags still on them. I...
  9. trevor300wsm

    WTB: Looking for a great deal on some high(er) end 10x42’s

    I’m looking for a good deal on some nicer 10x42’s. Obviously I’m posting here to see if I can get a better deal than buying new. I’m not looking for any low end Vortex or Bushy stuff. I’m looking to replace a very nice set of Pentax that are about 15yrs old. No idea why I think I need a new...
  10. trevor300wsm

    WTT: Foundation for MDT ACC

    I have some extra “used” Foundations I’m not using. I’d like to try out an MDT ACC with all the accessories. I’m not sure yet what stock I’m going to let go of. I have both the Exodus and the Genesis. Both are used. Both cut for Impacts (700 clone). I’ll take some pics tomorrow and post them...
  11. trevor300wsm

    SOLD NF ATACR 5-25 F1 H59

    I have another ATACR 5-25 F1 H59 that I’m going to let go. This was on a backup match rifle. It has been used some, but it is amazingly good shape. It has been in this same Spuhr mount since the day I received it new. It’s never been removed. It will come with the box (as pictured) and the caps...
  12. trevor300wsm

    Sold: Manners MCS-T bedded for Rem700 SA

    I have a used Manners MCS-T that I removed from a hunting rifle. It has been bedded (very well) for a Remington 700 short action. BDL bottom metal. Pillars installed. Sling studs. 13.5 LOP. Barrel channel is currently opened up for a Bartlien Bull sporter. Plenty of room to make adjustments if...
  13. trevor300wsm

    WTB: 7LRM or 7SAUM hunting setup

    Please read this first bit carefully before posting anything you have for sale. I’m looking for a purpose built long range hunting rifle in the above listed calibers. ***I have access to all the build components on the shelf currently and two very good friends that are badass gunsmiths. I’m not...
  14. trevor300wsm

    WTB: Surgeon 591 bolt stop

    I need a Surgeon 591 bolt stop, the little spring, and pin. Seems as these parts got lost at nitride. If you have any/all of them, let me know. I’m kinda in a bind as this is a friends rifle that I was assisting with the build process and now these parts are “lost”. Thanks
  15. trevor300wsm

    New in box Defiance Deviant Hunter SA

    As you can see in the pics, brand new, never used Defiance Deviant Hunter short action right hand. .473 bolt face. This is Nitride, NOT cerakote. $1250.00 shipped from my FFL to yours. PayPal F&F, Check, MO, No Venmo or Zelle
  16. trevor300wsm

    CZ Customs Shadow 2 carry optics setup

    I had no intentions of selling this, but new business ventures are requiring more capital. It has less than 300 rounds total on it. Has 50 rounds since the slide work was done. This has the nicest DA/SA pull I’ve ever felt. The DA pull is around ~4.5 pounds. The single is less than 2 pounds...
  17. trevor300wsm

    SOLD**NightForce 5-25 F1 ATACR w/H59 reticle Spuhr Mount

    I have another NF 5-25 F1 ATACR w/ H59 reticle that I do not need. This scope functions flawlessly in every way. It has been used in matches and does have minor cosmetic blemishes in places as any scope should if you actually use the damn thing. Glass is perfect. Comes with the box, papers, flip...
  18. trevor300wsm

    New Surgeon 591 6.5x47

    ***Ill get some pics posted tomorrow when it’s light outside. My lighting inside isn’t that great. I’ll get some exact details on the barrel length and profile as well. I have a rifle that I do not need in the safe. Here are the specs: Surgeon 591SA Bartlien barrel 1:8tw Chambered in 6.5x47 by...
  19. trevor300wsm

    WTB: Delta Point Pro 2.5 MOA dot

    I need to pick up another Delta Point Pro for a backup. Just thought Id check here first before I bought new. If you have any deals to offer, let me know. Thanks.
  20. trevor300wsm