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  1. viking78

    Primer pocket difference in velocity, ES SD.

    I have had a long time wish to test, does the small primer pocket has anything better, than large rifle primer in Lapua brass and popular 6.5 Creedmoor caliber. Received finally the LR brass from Lapua to test it. Competition Electronics DLX chrono was the measuring tool, i like it better than...
  2. viking78

    6.5PRC Vihtavuori

    Ordered a Tikka T3X CTR 24" barrel and it is 1/8" twist. I will load it only with VV powder, because i am from Finland and VV is the powder i can easily have. Is here any one who has done loading for 6.5PRC with VV powder. I have now N150, N160 and N555 and N165 coming. On the bullets i have...
  3. viking78

    Audere & MKmachining tuner brake.

    Tuner brake´s market has a newcomer. Tyler at MKmachining had idea and guys at Italy in Audere made the product. This is still proto type, NOT the final product. Brake it self is self timing, 2 port. Tuner weight is large and heavy, but like i writed, it is the proto type. Mine is with...
  4. viking78


    Friend on mine is working in Finnish military. Hi showed me some interesting pictures of Sako rifle they have tested last year. It is TRG62. M10 chassis, but the action has taken some steroid. Caliber they tested was 375 Cheytac. Time will show, is this going to be in product line too.
  5. viking78

    Haenel RS9 / G29

    They do know how to build sniper rifles in Germany too:cool:. I did received this Haenel RS9 338 Norma Magnum for test, only 2 weeks, but im happy for that. Very nice 2-stage trigger, fully adjustable rear stock, no tools needed. Come with that very efective muzzle brake. 300gr Sierra recoil...
  6. viking78

    Hodgon H355 powder

    Hello guys. I do reload ammo on my 223rem, 260rem, 6.5creedmoor and 308win. I have used only Vihtavuori powders, since im from Finland, and that powder is easy to get and cheap in Finland. But i did received one 1lbs can Hodgon H335 powder. What type on bullet and caliber does this powder...
  7. viking78

    New bipod shoes from Australia to Atlas bipod.

    New company from Australia. They do insert to Atlas bipod, and on this insert, you can quick connect 4 different type of feet. Quite a neet set. Boscabel is name of this company.
  8. viking78

    Reload data for Tikka t3x tac a1 223rem

    If you have good data for 223rem TAC A1, please drop the data here. I am going to find a accurate load for this rifle.
  9. viking78

    Any one reload ammo for Tikka T3X TAC A1 223REM?

    Has some one found some very good load for TAC A1 223rem barrel? Already tryed Lapua Scenar 69gr with Vihtavuori N135 and N140, not yet have any luck with those. I Had one box of Sellier&Bellot match, what is loaded with Sierra Match King 69gr bullet, that was sweet, 4 bullets in one hole, fifth...
  10. viking78

    MDT Elite muzzle brake anyone?

    Is here any one who has or had this MDT Elite muzzle brake? Should be self centered and no need tools to mount to barrel. I did just ordered it yesterday, but would like to hear some opinions of this, if any one has tested this one.
  11. viking78

    DIY barrel cooler.

    This one is also very easy to do and it is working also great, decrease barrel heat very fast, and this one cost about 6$ to make it. This is the main thing in the DIY project...
  12. viking78

    DIY DOPE card holder

    I made this dope card holder, buy using old rc car parts and one set of old picatinny scope mount. It works very well. That packing where that card is holding, is made of the FORMcard, suberd items these for any kind of DIY jobs.
  13. viking78

    Photos GUN insta pages?

    How many you lads and lassies has an insta pages? I have two, this is just for the guns only, no other BS here, free to see.
  14. viking78


    Company named Pautac, rifle parts and chassis shop in Finland, has start doing pretty sweet looking chassis for the Sako TRG rifles. If you want to update your old TRG chassis with some cool look, you might want to check this bad ass chassis out. Cool thin is, that you can use the factory...
  15. viking78

    Rifle Scopes New Kahles K models?

    Cioa guys. You guys know that the Kahles has come out with the new models, K318i and the 525i models. How much more do you get glass and advantage with these new models, to combare to the old ones? I have two of the legendary K624i models, and i do just love these scopes. But this new pair is...
  16. viking78

    What filling you are using on subsonic ammo loading 308win

    I have one Hodgon Clays powder pound, and i thought to start to reload subsonic ammo with that powder. I have shot few packages Lapua subsonic factory ammo, but that is pricey as hell, so thought to start to make my own sub ammo. Have done quite a lot reloading, but going to subsonic area, is...
  17. viking78

    Suppressors Typical supressor price in the USA?

    What does cost center fire rifle supressors in the USA? And how many states you can owns a supressor, with out been having pay extra cost of having the supressor?
  18. viking78

    DIY biathlon style sling

    Have you been breaming of biathlon style sling, but the ready made are sooo expencive? Well do it your self and save big bucks. Ready made gear looks like this. Surplus British army battle vest and add the swivel of your gun. I can add more picture if there is interested members of this item.
  19. viking78

    DIY spigot mount to KRG chassis

    Cheap, maybe not that good as the real deal, but it hold the bipod very well. You need to drill one hole to the backbone of the KRG chassis, and make little mod to the Atlas TRG bipod adapter.
  20. viking78

    My first tripod

    Hi. Im new with tripods, i have tested them few times, and i got this fever to get one of my own too. So i bought Sirui N-2004 model. I had read quite lot of the Slik, but that was out of the local dealer. Sirui can also hold 33lbs weight...