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    Optics Holosun AEMS carbine units

    Used only a few times. So clean. $250 shipped.
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    Couldn’t even finish listening to the lying cunt. tgey were al probably praying to satan to please let it be a white man
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    Maggie’s Socially UNacceptable Humor

    One of the greatest troll pranks pulled ever….. just listening to the news reporter say the names..lmao.
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    I’m a bit too young for the true golden age Hollywood beauties. For me though, I don’t think anyone could top Morgan Fairchild in her prime. Even as a little kid, she would get my little wenis’s attention. Lol
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    I really wonder if this info was known by the general public how many more people would have opted for the vaccine Sooner. Rather than being threatened and bullied and harangued. I also wonder if this is what happened to the Nashville conservative radio host Phil Valentine. He was outspoken...
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    SCOTUS Ruling......

    I want to know who proposed this bill?
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    Good, fuck them for voting like the stupid libtards they are. They deserve nothing less. Hochul is just another rmindless puppet that does whatever and whoever runs the left tells her to do. Just when you think it can't get much worse .......seriously though, i did think that maybe a former...
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    R.I.P Bob Saget

    This was my first thought as well. Especially since there was no foul play or drugs found in the room.
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    Lovin some McDonalds fries

    anything can be a dildo .....
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    Trans Male Swimmer Beats UPenn Trans Female Swimmer Lia Thomas

    LOL, its all just a big joke. and it will just keep getting worse. Honestly, this whole thing sounds like one big Andy Kaufman skit.
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    Just another useful idiot globalist.
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    PSA: ALWAYS have AT LEAST several months to a year of nonperishables stocked at ANYTIME. Chaos and incompetence in Xi'an, China as lockdown continues.

    I think the TV show Walking Dead addresses this without a clear answer as well. In the beginning, its simple sorta... the undead are the bad guys the living form up and try to survive. As the show goes on for the years the undead merely become a nuisance and its the living that are or could...
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    Montana bro......Tony Montana
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    you would probably just end up in the trunk...LOL
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    Actually i think ours was a ford. My old man was a Ford man.
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    I don't remember getting in trunks but i do remember the station wagon my parents had with the rear facing rear seat. I fucking loved that car as a kid. I pretended i was the tail gunner on a b-17, shooting everything that went by. I f i saw brake lights light up, those were hits. They don't...
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    SCOTUS: Oral Arguments Vaccine Mandate

    They're judges not fucking Doctors> They have No right whatsoever to be making medical decsions of any kind. Thye are to enforce and interpret the laws on the books that is it. That is what judge Coney-Barrett ran on. The Steward in charge has abused his temporary power and overreached. That...
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    another one......maybe her beloved Michael was a cokehead. Im sorry for her loss but thanks for posting.
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    These are "feel good" stories. I love reading these and hope they are true. Not that i wish the demise of anyone, but still......