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  1. nockhunter

    Movie Theater Prey, the prequel to predator (don't waste your time)

    This has to be one of the stupidest movies I have seen in a long time. If I wasn't drinking some bourbon I would have considered it an epic waste of my life. I knew it was going to be bad as it opened with some very bad CGI "whitetail deer" hunt and chase, (horse running soundtrack). It was all...
  2. nockhunter

    American 22lr match ammo

    Looks like we might see some American made match again. Mike
  3. nockhunter

    Not really new, but Hi

    Not really new but I never introduced myself. Hi, Mike from upstste NY
  4. nockhunter

    Rifle Competition Events WNY precision rifleman 22lr PRS

    We are back at it again. Shooting 22lr at long range for 2021. First match is April 11in Batavia. Check us out on practiscore, Mike
  5. nockhunter

    Who has the best ballistic app for 22lr? I was thinking Strelok-Pro

    There are a lot of ballistic app out there, which one has the best 22lr info? What are you using and why? Mike
  6. nockhunter

    Accessories Looking for B&C M40 stock for Tikka T3

    Just what the title states. I am looking for a Bell & Carlson M40 stock for a Tikka T3/T3x. For factory bottom metal. Mike
  7. nockhunter

    75g ELD-M ?

    How are the Hornady 75g ELD-M .224" bullets for consistency, lot to lot? I am going to be shooting some club "tactical" PRS matches with a .223 I am going to re barrel. I can't believe how inexpensive the Hornady bullets are, I was planning on either the Berger 75g VLD or the Sierra 77g TMK. But...
  8. nockhunter

    .223 Rem match chamber?

    Does the 223 Rem match chamber require neck turning? Mike
  9. nockhunter

    Tuesday night Bi-Weekly PRS practice match, POTF (next one Sept 3)

    Tuesday night, Bi-Weekly practice PRS match will be held at POTF (Pheasants on the flats) in Batavia NY. My son is starting a bi-weekly four stage PRS practice match to keep shooting on a regular basis. We had the first one two weeks ago, we are trying to keep to around 20 shooters. The next...
  10. nockhunter

    Sidearms & Scatterguns What's your daily CC gun?

    Just curious. I carry a Kahr CM9 most everywhere, inside waistband or dropped into cargo shorts pocket, with a Desantis nemesis pocket holster. Mike
  11. nockhunter

    How often do you clean you're rimfire?

    I have read a lot of thins lately about cleaning 22 lr rifles. Bolt guns mostly, semi's need a bit of scrubbing. I have probably run about 5-6 patches down my Rem 541T in the 20 years I've owned it. Once I've seasoned the bore with the bullet wax from whatever I am shooting I leave it alone. I...
  12. nockhunter

    Precision 22lr match #1 in Batavia NY (match #4, Sept. 8 )

    Sunday June 2, 2019 Precision 22lr match #1, at POTF (pheasants on the flats) shooting sports, in Batavia NY. Register on Practiscore. This match is being started by some local PRS shooters. There will be 6-10 stages, 25-250 yard, rimfire PRS/NRL22 style bragging rights match. Mike...