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    BX-4 HD vs Viper HD binos

    I am looking for a set of binoculars to use primarily for hunting and occasional precision rifle competitions. Most of my hunting will be in the midwest where I need to see across open areas into treelines. So color contrast is important and able to handle the darker hours of early morning and...
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    My first Rifle Kraft Drill

    Today I shot the Kraft drill for the first time. I was shooting a 20" LMT MWS in 6.5CM with factory 140 ELD ammo. I shot off a HOG Saddle tripod with a RRS 40mm ballhead. I will say this drill exposed the weaknesses in my tripod system. I only used the tripod for the standing, kneeling, and...
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    Stomped by wind

    Yesterday I took the LMT 20" 6.5cm out. I am shooting factory hornady 140gr ELD-M ammo. Right now the barrel has 100-120rds of this ammo (and only this ammo) through it, so my MV is a little slow, trued with AB app to 2514FPS out to 700 yards. Everything from 300 to 700 was no problem. 900 made...
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    Thermal guide me

    I’m wanting to expand my night capabilities. I went hunting with a dude who had a thermal scope while I was wearing NVGs. He was like “hey do you see that deer over there?” I’m like “what deer.” This happened so much that it was actually kind of annoying and makes me wonder how many coyotes I’ve...
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    Need optic for new LMT 6.5 DMR

    I have been waiting a long time for the opportunity to buy a factory LMT 6.5 DMR rifle. It should arrive at my FFL this week! I am looking for input on glass. I am looking at getting a Mk5 7-35 or 5-25 in the PR2 reticle. I am leaning more towards the 5-25 due to living in the midwest where a...
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    5.56 becoming obsolete

    We’ve seen other calibers come to market and be short lived or just used for specific purposes. 300blk is probably the only AR15 caliber that’s actually stuck around and widely used. 6.8, 6.5, 224V, 22 nosler and etc just never really took off. Now we’re seeing calibers in military contracts...
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    Pre baby rifle

    I told the wife there’s one more rifle I need before a kid happens. I’m honestly torn between an LMT MWS, SR25 and a SCAR 20. 1) I’d like to use this for DMR field style matches and hunting, so weight is an important factor. 2) I want to keep the caliber as a 308 for ammo availability and...
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    Protective Film

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a glass film of some sort to give added protection on exterior windows/patio door glass? I recently bought a house and although the area has low crime, I am not trying to be an easy target of opportunity either. I know if someone is determined, they will...
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    Suppressors Suppressor Work

    I have a Rugged Obsidian 45 suppressor and it's currently rated for subsonic 300blk and whatnot. The serialized portion is on the rear of the suppressor which is a high strength material. The rest of the tube is aluminum and threads onto the mount. The baffles are heat treated and high strength...
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    Ready for Yote season

    DD upper/lower Geissele rail FN 16” govt profile barrel CMC trigger Modlite OKW DBAL A2 FP NF ATACR 1-8 Badger comm mount Atlas bipod PIG tripod RRS SOAR ballhead
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    Burris BTC50

    Any hide members have hands on experience with the Burris thermal clip-on sight?
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    Abel Table Gen 2

    I went to order an abel table and they are no longer taking orders. They’re taking pre orders soon for a Gen 2 model but no pictures on their website. Anyone have insider info on the new model?
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    Caliber for shoulder injury

    I had a bad mountain bike crash a couple months ago that resulted in a grade 3 AC separation in my right shoulder. As of right now, I don’t have any heavy recoiling rifles, but I’d like to get one for long range/hunting. For those of you with similar injuries, what caliber puts you over the...
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    NF NXS vs Mk5

    I am putting together a 16" 5.56 SPR type rifle. I am debating between the NXS 2.5-10x42 with Mil-R reticle or the Mk5 3.6-18 with the CCH reticle. Either scope will have an offset RMR in a Badger COMM mount. I'd like to eventually use this in conjunction with a NV clip-on device. My thoughts...
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    6.5G vs 6ARC 14.5"

    I am looking to finish a rifle I have. It's on a SBR lower, so pinning a device is not a concern. My intent is to keep the weight down, use it for deer hunting, and local club matches. Ideally, I'd want the performance to 800 yards on 2moa sized targets and 1moa at 600 yards.
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    Natural Immunity Lawsuit Won

    Check this out:
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    Kneeling vs standing w/tripod

    Today I was shooting the 11.5" 5.56 SBR at 210 yards at a 3" circle plate with XM193 (55gr) ammo. I am still getting my feet wet when it comes to tripod shooting. What was interesting is my standing position was more stable than kneeling with the tripod. My tripod setup is a PIG 0311 with a pint...
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    Atlas PSR v TB Bipod for SPR

    I’m trying to decide between these two bipods. My biggest gripe about the Atlas in general regardless of model is having to press buttons to manipulate the legs. I have always had the atlas PSR and makes me wonder if I’d miss the panning feature compared to the TB bipod. Does the wider stance...
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    Tripod Setup

    My setup is mainly used for night hunting coyotes with NV. I also use it for general shooting practice and probably some DMR matches. I currently have a pint sized GC bag that I literally just toss onto the head of my tripod as of right now. It works, but not ideal, obviously. I am grabbing an...
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    Tripod Table

    I’m not well versed in what products are out there for tripod attachments. Right now, I’m currently using a GC bag resting on my PIG 0311 tripod. It works well enough that I can leave the rifle balanced on the bag during coyote hunts. However, I’d like to have something more adaptable for...