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  1. coldboremiracle

    Hunting & Fishing Seasons are changing

    We had a great deer season this year, nothing too exciting but made a lot of memories. Junior still loves that little .260.
  2. coldboremiracle

    Hunting & Fishing Antelope hunting with kids

    My wife's oldest son drew a pair of antelope tags in Wyoming, we had a blast!
  3. coldboremiracle

    Howa Mini 6 ARC

    Does anybody have a Howa Mini in 6ARC yet? I have been trying to find one for a project, but cant find them anywhere. Maybe they haven't even been released yet, but does anyone have one, or know where I can get one?
  4. coldboremiracle

    Sig Sauer kilo10K

    If anyone has been looking for some feedback on the Sig Kilo 10K binos, here is my perspective:
  5. coldboremiracle


    If you like shooting gophers, groundhogs and marmots, you'll like this.
  6. coldboremiracle

    Rifle Scopes SAI 1-6 LVPO

    This little scope has been a very pleasant surprise, I would love it if they produced a 34mm 1-10 version.
  7. coldboremiracle

    Maybe my favorite MDRX

    I think I may have found my favorite configuration for the MDRX, 20 inch 7 twist 223, with the longer Mantis bipod/handguard, and suppressed with my YHM turbo. This thing shoots about 1/2 moa and loves 75's. Also seen below with the 20 inch 6.5CM and the Nitro, also a killer setup.
  8. coldboremiracle

    Hunting & Fishing What do you do in the off season?

    If you guys are like me, you probably wish it was still October or November. Springtime can be sort of a let down if you are a hunter, but there are still plenty of fun things to do. I never like putting my gun away, and if you guys are like me in that aspect as well, you might enjoy this...
  9. coldboremiracle

    Hard Effort and Elk Hunting

    I think the affliction of big game hunting has grabbed ahold of him. And he surely has become too accustomed to the taste of venison to stop now. I too will be back next year, by then all the aches and pains will have been forgotten. And I'll again be ready to make seemingly poor choices that...
  10. coldboremiracle

    Hunting & Fishing More PVA Cayuga solid copper bullet results
  11. coldboremiracle

    6ARC for pronghorn

    Last year my wife shot two antelope, this was one of them.
  12. coldboremiracle

    Hunting & Fishing I cant stop killing Rockchucks

    My name is coldboremiracle and I have a problem:
  13. coldboremiracle

    Reloading Equipment WTS Barnes 112 Match Burners 500 pcs.

    Got 5 unopened boxes (500) of Barnes Match Burners (6mm). One buyer only please, all or none. Sold
  14. coldboremiracle

    Accessories Desert Tech HTI 50BMG Conversion Kit $2700

    For sale NIB desert tech 50BMG conversion kit, serious inquiries PM. $2400 shipped
  15. coldboremiracle

    WTB ISO Tikka T3 donor action prefer 300wsm

    Im looking for a T3 donor action, prefer a 300wsm because I need a magnum boltface. Pm me if you have one.
  16. coldboremiracle


    Anybody using or tried it as an alternative to facebook? Or is it just for the extremist right?:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  17. coldboremiracle

    Reloading Equipment 375 and 408 Cheytac brass by Petersen

    Once fired 375 and 408 cheytac brass from Petersen. Approximately 100-120 rounds of each, .75 per OBO
  18. coldboremiracle

    Accessories NIB Desert Tech HTI 50BMG Conversion Kit $2200.00 OBO SOLD

    As it says, brand new unfired (but from factory) 50 BMG conversion kit for the Desert Tech HTI. Includes barrel, Muzzle Brake, bolt, and magazine. Everything you need to convert your HTI to 50. PM for questions. Sold to bigsky23
  19. coldboremiracle

    Hunting & Fishing Anybody have poor results with the 143 ELDX?

    Buddy shot this deer last week with a 6.5CM at 900 yds. Worked perfectly as far as killing clean, but bullet didn't expand at all. Only damage done was from hitting a rock upon exiting the deer. Video Here for those interested:
  20. coldboremiracle

    Hunting & Fishing Took the Wife hunting

    Finally got my wife on a successful hunt, she drew a doe pronghorn tag and made a perfect shot with the 257 Blackjack. Great experience and some good shooting: