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    PTG 40x repeater action

    Yes, inquiring minds want to know.
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    L3I Bergara B14R and CZ 457 bolt knob

    Is that a b14r in a foundation?
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    What stock is this?
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    Optics "Liberty Optics and Snipers Hide, Always a Great Match"

    Burris xtr pro with scr2 reticle?
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    Rimfire Shilen 22lr Blank ratchet twist and Bartlein 22lr blank

    What magazine does this action take?
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    PTG 40x repeater action

    We're these actions blueprints and ready to go?
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    PTG 40x repeater action

    Man, I've heard all the horror stories about ptg but I'm really considering tempting fate on one of these at the sale price.
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    Which OEM Action?

    Tikka all day
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    Optics "Liberty Optics and Snipers Hide, Always a Great Match"

    I just placed an order for an xtr pro. So I am wondering the same thing.
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    Foundation Weights

    Balances right at 3.5 inches in front of the mag well.
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    Foundation Weights

    I second River City Rifle. Best design out there for the foundation. They even have brass buttstock weights as well.
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    Who sells Foundation stock weights?

    I did not use the forend weights as my rifle was really front heavy with the straight contour barrel. That being said. Everything that Andy does is very well thought out and executed. I have every confidence that they work as advertised.
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    Who sells Foundation stock weights?

    Contact Andy at he has everything that you are looking for.
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    Bergara b14r in a Foundation?

    Looking at picking up a b14r barreled action and dropping it in a foundation centurion stock to match my centerfire rig. Foundation offers a 700 inlet. Has anyone done this yet? If so how has it worked out? Is there a particular bottom metal that seems to work best? I'm new to the 22 game so I'm...
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    Why is everyone mad at PRS

    I have to disagree with this. I think if you look at Matt Alwines results with the very savage 110 precision rifle you mentioned along with Phil velayos results with his Tikka project prove that skilled marksman can be competitive with TRUE production equipment.
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    Foundation Stock for PRS

    I just got done building this exact setup. With the straight contour barrel it is pretty front heavy so the forend weights will make it even worse. luckily my gunsmith just came out with brass length of pull spacers. With one 1/2" and one 1/4" spacer it balances perfectly about 3-3 1/4" in front...
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    McMillan Z10 contour choice

    Mcmillan makes brass length of pull spacers that will help balance the rifle.
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    Reloading Equipment WTB 6mm 107 Sierra Matchkings

    still looking for some 107 matchkings guys. any help would be appreciated. thanks.