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    Optics Premier 3.5x15, Gen 2 Mildot, 22 Mil single turn**SPF**

    Premier 3.5x15, Gen 2 Mildot, 22 Mil single turn **SPF** Ya thats what we have here. Photos show most of what you need to know. Glass, parallax, ilum are all good to go. We have used the scope for ten years as a proof scope so it has been mounted on many different rifles over that time. Does...
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    Reloading Equipment .40 175 gr LSWC**PRICE DROP**

    I have 3500 175 gr Lead SWC bullets from D&J. Some are still in the 500 count box from factory, some have been repacked and will have some extras added to the count. $50.00 $40.00 per 500 Pricing includes USPS shipping to USA. PayPal FF/MO or check that clears, or I know you....
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    Reloading Equipment .45 200gr LSWC **PRICE DROP**

    I have 750 200 gr Lead SWC bullets from D&J. Its two partial boxes, but the math works out. SOLD Pricing includes USPS shipping to USA. PayPal FF/MO or check that clears, or I know you....
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    Accessories Hornady 308 168 AMAX TAP ammo for sale.

    This ammo has been lovingly nested in this 40mm can(not included) for several years, always in HVAC controlled conditions. 280 rounds from a single lot number. $280 includes UPS Ground to the big part of the US only. 340 rounds from a single lot number. $340 includes UPS Ground to the big part...
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    ATLAS 5-H bipod SALE!

    COUPON CODE: ATLAS75 For a limited time (while supply lasts), we are trying to move out some ATLAS 5-H Heavy Bipods. Any order containing an ATLAS 5-H (either mounting option) will receive a $75.00 discount a checkout. Just add a 5-H to the cart, along with any other goodies, and use the COUPON...
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    Badger Low Profile Harris Mounts

    Badger Low Profile Harris Mount The Low Profile Harris Mount is designed to replace the current mounting plate and thumbscrew for Harris Engineering swivel style bipods. Made to have a slimmer profile than traditional bipod mounting options while having a much more robust interface to allow...
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    New Black Hills 5.56mm 77Gr TMK

    The first run of this ammo has just started to ship from Black Hills. We do have some in stock, more to arrive next week, and have just listed in on the site: Triad Tactical, Inc. :: Ammunition :: Black Hills New 5.56mm 77Gr Sierra TMK Info from our site: Black Hills has again expanded its...
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    Closing Triad (just for a while)

    OUR SHIPPING AND CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL JULY 30th. Orders may still be placed online, but the will not be shipped until after the 30th. We will try to get all orders up until the end of today out on Monday. Thanks, and catch you on the flip-side.
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    Triad Ear Pro Wrap (New Product)

    This thread was previously posted here but it was moved to another, less appropriate, section of the site. Lowlight was unable to move it back here, so it has been re-listed. Triad Ear Pro Wrap(TT-EPW) Triad Tactical, Inc.*::*Triad Tactical*::*Triad Ear Pro Wrap The Triad Ear Pro Wrap is a...
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    Triad LARGE Modular Stock Pack™ (New Product)

    After we introduced the Triad Modular Stock Pack™, one of the first questions was when we would do a large version. Asked and answered, its done. Triad Tactical, Inc.*::*Triad Tactical*::*All Triad Stock Packs™*::*Triad Large Modular Stock Pack™ Info from the site. The Triad Large Modular...
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    H.O.G./ P.I.G. comparison

    We recently got in our first order of HOG & PIG Saddles from Shadowtech. Joshua (owner) was kind enough to come visit the shop last week and give me the rundown on the products. First take-away is that I need to upgrade my inventory of tripods, second is that the PIG is a no-brainer for...
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    New Kopfjaeger Sling from HTI Gear(First Look)

    HTI Gear is starting to put out their product line. After the success of the Sniper Skid Plate, next up is the Kopfjaeger Sling: AS this is a first look, I will have to add more/better info when I can. The slings are listed on the Triad site: Triad Tactical, Inc.*::*Rifle Slings*::*HTI...
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    Rifle Scopes Blowout pricing on Premier Scopes!

    As long as you dont mind a bullshit knockoff from Indonesia...... Premier Heritage Rifle Scopes Buyer beware.
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    Triad Modular Stock Pack™ (New Product)

    So you pick one of these Stock Packs™: Triad Tactical, Inc.*::*Triad Tactical*::*All Triad Stock Packs*::*Triad Modular Stock Pack and then any of these: Triad Tactical, Inc.*::*Triad Tactical*::*All Triad Stock Packs*::*Triad Modular Accessory Strip Here is the text from the site for...
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    New item from Badger Ordnance

    Newly released bolt carrier groups from Badger Bolt Carrier Group(Auto) for M-16/M4 and AR-15 Style rifles Features: MPI stamped Carpenter 158 Bolt Full profile chrome lined carrier Bolt is made of shot-peened, MPI, Mil-spec Carpenter 158® steel Gas key is secured...
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    Triad Saturday Contest (6-29-2013)

    I recently had anterior and posterior spinal fusion done on L4/L5-L5/S1. As you may guess, this involved an incision on my stomach and my back. Here is the Saturday Contest Question: What was the total number of staples used to close me up (on the outside)? Contest will end later today at...
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    Triad Precision Rifle Carry Case (New Product)

    Triad Tactical, Inc.*::*Triad Tactical*::*Triad Precision Rifle Carry Case I had wanted to roll this out before the "Summer Break" but just could not. Back in the early days of Triad, we use to have a custom short drag bag made to order for us. It was a very simple bag that had many features...
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    Temp closing of Triad Tactical 5-25-2013

    That time of the year has rolled around again. This usually comes at the end of summer, but events dictate a change this year. A little site maintenance, inventory work, back surgery, summer cleaning and inventory will all be accomplished. Yes, I said back surgery. I have a few minions on...