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    Ruger m77 stocks

    I have a M77 Ruger that I’m trying to get recommendations for a stock . It’s a tang safety 6mm rem. The part that has always bugged me is the stock. It’s a factory varmit barrel with a hunting rifle stock. All factory . I have a really nice trigger in it, but I really would like a better stock...
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    Range Report One of those days!

    Have you ever just had one of those days where you just shoot paper like crap? I had that yesterday. I went to the range to sight in my new mk 5 on my custom 300 win, and I could not shoot worth a damn. I’m talking 2inch groups at a hundred yards. Normally if it’s half Moa I’m having a bad day...
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    Pre 13 ax chassis

    Has anyone made a pre13 ax chassis into a quick adjust butt plate? I am not getting far googling or calling A.I.. I know you could get the ax like that I also know my chassis has all the holes for it. I see on mile highs site they have a target adjustable butt plate and a adjustable module for...
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    Stiller tac300

    Does anyone do pre fit barrels? Or am I better off going another route? I’m only interested in shouldered fit.