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    Accessories Tikka AG Composite Stock w/DBM

    AG Composite Stock for tikka T3 action Alpine Hunter Red White and Blue camo 3.5" pic rail in fron Red Snake Tactical bottom metal w/MDT 300wm (3.50 max length) metal Magazine Proof Sendero Barrel Contour channel. $700 +$40 shipping
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    SOLD (SOLD) Burris XTR II 3-15x50 SCR Mil

    Burris XTR II 3-15x15 SCR Reticle Mil Turrets MDT Medium Rings No lens caps $500 + $25 shipping
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    SOLD (SOLD) Leupold Mk5HD 5-25 Mil PR1 w/ARC M-Brace Rings

    SOLD Leupold Mk5 HD 5-25 Mil PR1 Reticle Sunshade ARC M-Brace Rings NO BOX No Trades at this time. Thank you! **** shipped for scope/rings SOLD
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    SOLD (SOLD) Chargemaster Supreme

    Selling my Decided to go with the matchmaster for the quicker drops. I used manual powder throw for many years and this spoiled me so much I already want an upgrade haha.
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    SOLD (SOLD) Magneto Speed V3

    Selling my magnetospeed v3 $325 shipped Works very well but got one as gift so no longer need this one.
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    Reloading Equipment RCBS powder throw w/stand, balance scale, trickler set

    Upgraded to an electronic powder throw so don't need this stuff anymore. RCBS Powder Throw w/Stand RCBS MS500 Beam Scale RCBS Trickler $125 shipped OBO Most if not all came in a kit when I started reloading.
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    SOLD (SOLD)6.5mm Hornady 140gr BTHP Match $60(2 boxes)

    Hornady 6.5mm BTHP Match Bullets 100ct each box $60 shipped for both, will not split up.
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    SOLD (SOLD)Berger 6.5mm 140gr VLD Target $60

    Berger 140gr VLD Target 6.5mm 100ct. Box opened but all bullets are there. $60 shipped
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    SOLD (SOLD) Rugged Ridge Bipod w/Extensions

    Rugged Ridge Carbon Fiber Bipod Includes leg extensions SOLD
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    SOLD ***SOLD***Bighorn TL3 LA, Magnum BF, Medium Tang Action $1000 shipped to FFL

    I have a new Zermatt Arms (previously Bighorn) TL3. This is in a Long Action, with Magnum Bolt Face and a Medium tang. This also comes with Tactical Bolt Knob. (SOLD) I bought a LA and a SA at the same time not knowing which one I wanted to build and landed on doing a 6mm in the short action...
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    SOLD 3 Tikka t3 magazine 300wm $90

    $90 shipped 3 magazines. 2 - 3 bullet 1 - 5 bullet
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    SOLD Area 419 Arca Clamp $60

    $60 shipped Area 419 Arca Clamp Bought for atlas bipod
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    SOLD Ares ETR 3-18X50 FFP IR UHD $700 or $775 w/rings

    $700 Shipped/Insured Ares ETR UHD 3-18x50 Mil Reticle Butler Creek Caps Been on Rifle for almost a year, been to the range twice and hunting trip once. Working on uploading picture. Rings included for $75 extra. So total of $775. They are MDT Rings
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    SOLD 7mm Berger 195EOL 100ct $60

    $60 Shipped Berger 7mm 195gr EOL 100ct Box Opened but still full
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    Accessories Area 419 Sidewinder 30cal SS $175

    $175 shipped Area 419 Magnum Sidewinder Brake 30 Caliber 5/8x24 thread Stainless Steel
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    Reloading Equipment 6.5mm 140gr Match BTHP $50

    $50 Shipped 6.5mm Hornady 140gr Match BTHP
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    SOLD 140gr eld-m 6.5cm $250 same lot

    $250 shipped 140gr hornady eld-m 6.5creedmoor Same lot
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    SOLD 223 rem Federal American Eagle $300

    $300 Shipped 500 rounds of Federal American Eagle FMJ 223 Remington 62gr
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    Optics SOLD

    SOLD Ares BTR Gen 2 2.5x15x50 Mil reticle Seeking rings Mounted and used one season
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    Fx120i auto throw mod question

    I have an auto throw on the way and wondering if anyone makes a cover for the sides that has a slot for the trickler and cup so ait flow doesn't mess with the scale?