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    Hunting & Fishing Pls suggest Chest rig / bino harness

    Guys, looking for suggestions to manage gear I am using a lot on hunting trips. I am currently running a marsupial gear bino harness with my RF binoculars and also some pockets to carry a garmin rino and a garmin astro. I also carry a pack, but like having these items on my chest handy as they...
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    RRS ball head for Innorel tripod

    Guys I have a couple of Innorel carbon tripods with Innorel ball heads which have been okay to shoot off. I would like to see if I can make the tripod a better platform to extend my range a bit, so thinking it might be worthwhile to try a Really Right Stuff ball head on the tripods. What do...
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    Mausingfield 338 Lap action stock fit

    I cant find much written about the Mausingfield 338 Lapua action, other than a post by longrifles on their FB profile in 2016 stating it would only be made on a 1.4" or 1.5" diameter action. From what I can see, the current Mausingfield 338 Lap offering IS a standard Rem long action size? Can...
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    Optika LR 10x42 HD - anyone got one to report on?

    Would be interested to hear any first hand reports on these Optika LR 10x42 HD Also, anyone know if they are all Euro made? If so, they would be the only non-chinisium in this price point.
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    Hunting & Fishing Ear pro for hunting

    Just wanted to hear from others who may already have an answer. My son does a lot of still hunting, along the lines of elk in heavy timber. Most shots are under 100 yards, but are taken quickly - ie a few seconds to ID an animal and shoot before the animal disappears into thick cover. So any ear...
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    Anyone made a DIY biathlon or backpack sling for hunting?

    I need a sling to carry a 12-14lb hunting rifle, so thought a "biathlon" or "backpack" style sling might be the best option. I have access to an industrial sewing machine and materials such as canvas, nylon, webbing etc, so thought I would have a go at building one. Has anyone made something...
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    Recommend a range finder please

    I am looking for a rangefinder that will range animals to around 1000 yards. It will be used primarily to hunt with, but also for checking targets in PRS matches. Looking for a good value option, but reliability and warranty are factors I am considering. Technology in this area is changing so...
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    Kydex rifle mag tensioners for AI mag holder

    I want to make some mag holders out of kydex. The style I am planning to do is a "taco" wrap around an AI mag, with 2 tensioning screws down the open side. Can anyone suggest a supplier for a good tensioning set up? Also, if there are any good tutorials online for this sort of thing, please...
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    PS Game changer - which one?

    I want to get a game changer bag for PRS matches - mainly off barricades. I think the pint size is probably the best option from what I have read. I am thinking probably the waxed canvas with sand fill, but would be interested in any other opinions before I pull the trigger on one. Also with...
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    Question for anyone running 6BR based case in a Tikka T3

    I am currently running a 6XC on a Tikka T3 action for PRS matches. It shoots great, but I would like to go to a milder case when I rebarrel. At this stage I am thinking 6BRX, but I wonder if I will get the velocity I want with this action and a ~26" barrel. I was thinking I may be better off...
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    Gunsmithing Disassembling KRG stock

    I have a KRG stock on my PRS rifle and want to play around with the weight and balance of the rifle for matches. I would like to remove the screws holding the butt stock together & see if I can add weight in there, but the manual warns that the screws wont go back together if I do this. Has...
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    Best mags / adapters for BR cases?

    Can anyone tell me hat has proven to be the best way to run a 6BR or BR improved case out of a PRS style bolt rifle? Is there a preferred AICS mag? And what mods are proving to be the most reliable?
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    Question - Tikka trigger sub 1 pound?

    I have an aftermarket spring in the trigger of a Tikka T3 which brings the pull down to ~ 1.5 pounds. I would really like to get down under a pound. Can anyone suggest a spring that will do this reliably and wont slam fire if adjusted under a pound?
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    Member Link Up WTB - Logo design

    Sorry if this is not the correct section to post this in. I had no idea where would be best I am setting up a precision rifle oriented website for a business in Australia and need a logo designed. I would much much rather deal with a shooting enthusiast than try to explain to a graphic...
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    Gunsmithing Removing brake

    I just bought a Tikka CTR that is fitted with a Badger brake with a washer between the brake and the barrel shoulder (no pinch screw on the brake). I had assumed it would be a relatively simple process to unscrew the brake, but that bitch is on tight. I haven't encountered this particular...
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    Rifle Scopes Looking for a reticle like this, but not an IOR

    My son and I both shot a rifle with an IOR scope recently and we both liked the reticle a lot. I would really like something like this in a scope thats not an IOR. Is there anything out there that would fit the bill? It has a floating dot in the center, then a Christmas tree in the lower section...
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    Help with AB truing

    I have an Accurate Ballistics truing question that I am hoping someone can help with. I put together a new 6XC / Berger 105gn load on the weekend. I zeroed my scope at 100 yards, chronographed the load, then entered the details into AB. I wanted to verify the results, and 300 yards was the...
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    Case life of Norma 6XC brass?

    I was just reading the document on Tubb's website where they mention that the case head on the Norma brass is extra hard for improved case life. Can anyone comment on whether they have found this to be the case in actual practice over multiple firings? I have 200 Norma cases, but only have very...
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    PRS Talk Carrying equipment at a match

    Just wondering what people are using to hump all their gear around at a PRS match? What size packs are useful? I am trying to work out what to buy and where to draw the line regarding size of the pack.
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    Hunting & Fishing Long shots on game - what are people resting off?

    I am interested to hear what people are using for shooting positions and rest equipment for long range hunting shots. It would also be interesting to know a ballpark range for shots people are making as I think it helps understand how effective the set-up is, and of course what constitutes "long...