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  1. sawman556

    Sidearms & Scatterguns Staccato C2 EDC/IWB holsters

    I use Tenicor for my C2 for AIWB. Got one for my G48 and G19's as well. Excellent product, but not cheap. I don't bother with leather anymore, but I do have a couple for 1911's which rarely get carried. The Milt Sparks SS2 is excellent for leather IWB. Doesn't really work for AIWB.
  2. sawman556

    Lower Parts Kit Preferences

    I used a bunch of different LPK's over the years and never really had an issue with any of them. The Geissele Ultra Duty is now my favorite, but I use the Posi-snap safeties. I use Aero for my cheaper builds.
  3. sawman556

    Best $1700 FFP 4-5xish by 24xish scope?

    NX8 4-32×50mm. Check euro optics for demos. I almost went with a demo, but EO sold me a new one for the same price.
  4. sawman556

    Suppressors Help a suppressor novice w/a cover please!

    Hey folks. I'd like to get a cover for my RC2, but don't know much about them. I was thinking TAB Gear, but I'm open to other suggestions??? I can't see anything once this thing gets hot. TAB Gear also makes 4 different ones. Which one do I want? Next question is, do I want to cover the whole...
  5. sawman556

    NF NX8 2.5-20 vs 4-32 for Rimefire

    I was disappointed in the 2.5-20× for rimfire. I put it on an AR and got the 4-32x for my B14R.
  6. sawman556

    Geissele and Larue trigger question

    Try a Geissele hammer spring on your Larue???
  7. sawman556

    The AR15 Picture Thread

  8. sawman556

    Reputable Names for innovative BCG's, Firing pins, Buffer Springs, and Gas Systems (2022-2023)

    Sionics carrier w/LMT bolt. Sprinco "blue" for buffer spring w/ H or H2.
  9. sawman556

    Cleaning Kit- What do I need

    I reccomend Bore Tech products. They make excellent rods, jags and brushes. C4 and Rimfire Blend are the best chemicals on the market, IMO.
  10. sawman556

    What pistol do you use for self-protection out in public?

    Must be Canadian. :unsure:
  11. sawman556

    New Chassis on the market

    I like that stock.
  12. sawman556

    Gunsmithing A quickie sponge camo job

    Looks pretty good. (y)
  13. sawman556

    Setup For PRS?

    I agree. Set your rifles up how you like. Enjoy life!
  14. sawman556

    Best 22LR scope

    NX8 4-32x50 is pretty decent for a rimfire.
  15. sawman556

    Rifle Scopes Zeiss Conquest V4 vs Trijicon Tenmile

    I have this scope as well. I have it on a CA Ranger that I zap squirrels with. Excellent scope for a hunting rifle, IMO. I had a Credo HX that was pretty nice as well.
  16. sawman556

    Suppressors Rocksett - what did I do wrong?

    Clean threads. Rocksett works excellent when done correctly. Soak in water to remove.
  17. sawman556

    MOA vs MRAD - am I making too much of this?

    I have both moa and mils. I prefer moa. I don't care what all the cool kids use.
  18. sawman556

    Nickel finish/coating

    Blast the whole barreled action after the barrel is replaced?
  19. sawman556

    NXS 5.5-22 50 -vs- NX8 2.5-20 50 Both SFP

    I have a sample of all the FFP NX8's. If I could only keep one, it would be the 4-32x. That's all I got. :whistle: