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    Happy Kyle Rittenhouse day!

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    For Those With A Knee-Mail Account,

    Prayers sent Brother.
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    DeSantis or Trump

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    DeSantis or Trump

    When Trump first announced he was running and all during his campaign nobody thought he would win but he did. With no experience in politics he took out 18 republicans and made Hilary look like a fool. Trump isn't someone to underestimate. Im expecting this too. Dont know. He will be 78 in...
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    DeSantis or Trump

    Exactly. When Trump was just a Businessman all the politicians were kissing his ass for campaign donations. Once he won the Presidency and became a threat to the establishment the political elite showed their true colors. Trump will run unopposed in 2024. No republican with any common sense...
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    Pelosi's husband attacked at home.

    So DePape will be committing suicide soon?
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    Please pray for my wife

    Prayers sent Brother.
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    Fact checkers, misinformation and censorship across all fields

    Fact checkers didn't exist until the truth started getting out.
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    Wanna make an easy 30k?

    Hire a lawyer sue the department for discrimination. 🤣
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    + Celia Langelius RIP

    Greg, sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family.
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    How much worse can it get?

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    Russia and China new currency.

    China isn't out maneuvering us. Our politicians sold us out.
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    Another try at AW Ban

    About 10 years ago it was found out that Los Angels Unified School district had about 30 M16 rifles, a bunch of grenade launchers and about 500,000 rounds of ammo . There was never really a good explanation as to why LA unified had them but they did. Hence the need for the exemption. This is...
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    Indy Good Samaritan EDC'er Identified as Mr. Elisjsha Dicken

    2 rifles and 1 pistol for only 1 shooter? Sounds like 2 other Manchurian candidates didn't show. Something much larger may have been planned here.
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    Active shooter taken out by good guy w gun (Indiana 7/17/22)

    Constitutional Carry law in Indiana went into effect July 1 2022.
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    Video from inside of Uvalde school released

    Cops should have gave their guns to the parents outside. They would have went in.