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  1. Sig Marine

    Accessories WTB Hensoldt Spotter 60 Picatinny Rails

    In need of a couple picatinny rails for a Hensoldt Spotter 60. Please PM details and price.
  2. Sig Marine

    Accessories Found - Leofoto Tripod

  3. Sig Marine

    Accessories WTB - Very Used Game Changers

    I am looking to purchase 3 or 4 Game Changers to be used as loaners for beginning shooters at our local matches. I am not looking for pristine condition bags, just some that are usable and at an affordable price (cheap is even better). Even if you have one that needs repairs, I would be...
  4. Sig Marine

    Reloading Equipment SOLD AMP Annealer

    Selling an AMP Annealer in like new condition...SOLD
  5. Sig Marine

    Optics Found Razor Gen 1

    Found Razor Gen 1
  6. Sig Marine

    Accessories Found - Trimble

    I am looking for a Trimble - FOUND
  7. Sig Marine

    Optics Sold Gen 1 Angled Razor Spotter

    Sold like new Gen1 Razor HD 20-60x85 angled spotter
  8. Sig Marine

    Firearms WTB Bighorn TL-2 Long Action w/ Medium Tang

    Looking to buy a Bighorn TL-2 long action with medium tang; 30 MOA rail and/or magnum bolt face a plus. Not looking for the heavy tang as this is going into a chassis that I do not want to modify. PM with details and price.
  9. Sig Marine

    300 PRC

    How about the usual reloading data for the 300 PRC; Brass manufacture Charge weight and powder Bullet make, weight and style (VLD, Hybrid, etc.) Distance to lands Overall length Barrel length and twist Muzzle velocity any other data you feel is pertinent
  10. Sig Marine

    Firearms WTB - Remington 5R .300 Win Mag

    Looking for a low round count Remington 5R in a HS Precision stock with a 24"-26" barrel chambered in .300 Win Mag. Please PM with details, picture and price.
  11. Sig Marine

    LRA Bipods Available Again

    For those still interested in the "real" LRA (Long Range Accuracy) bipods, they are available again at Euro Optics. They've been out of production for quite awhile but it's good to see them back on the market.
  12. Sig Marine

    Accessories *SOLD* - KRG Whiskey 3 Rem SA - Gen 4

    Selling a right handed Remington SA KRG Gen 4 Whiskey 3 folder in excellent condition.*SOLD*
  13. Sig Marine

    SOLD: US Optics 5-25x58 MRAD Scope w/Aadmount caps

    I have a US Optics 5-25x58 Scope with Aadmount caps and anti-glare sunshade for sale. Sfollows:cope is in excellent condition with one tiny pinhead mark from factory on the tube (as shown in last picture). Scope is SOLD Power: 5-25x Reticle: MPR MIL Illuminated Reticle Color: Blue Elevation...
  14. Sig Marine

    Accessories Sold - 6.5x47 Lapua Criterion Barrel w/Savage Threads

    Sold - NIB 6.5x47 Lapua Criterion Barrel with Savage threads, barrel nut included. It is 26" in length with 8 twist and has a 0.167 freebore. It is a "custom contour" being .900 at the muzzle with 5/8x24 muzzle threads and flat crown. Barrel has been sold.
  15. Sig Marine

    OUTSTANDING Customer Service at Mile High Shooting

    Snipers Hide has been a “go-to” source of information for many shooters over the years and it has also been a bulletin board for many who have gripes about products, shops and individuals who don’t perform up to expected standards. All too often, post-whores run to their computer's and start...
  16. Sig Marine

    SOLD Vortex Gen 2 PST 5-25x50 EBR-2C (MRAD) FFP

    Like new Vortex Viper Gen 2 PST 5-25x50 with EBR 2C (MRAD) FFP is SOLD
  17. Sig Marine

    CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer OUT OF STOCK At Hinterland

    For those interested in the CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer with the newer Manners T4 in GAP camo, Hinterland Outfitters had them on the shelf but I just checked the web site this morning, 10/05/2014, and see that they are now OUT OF STOCK at Hinterland Outfitters. Hinterland: CZ Model 455...
  18. Sig Marine

    .308 Barrel - Advantages/Disadvantages of Tightbore

    After drooling over the post/pictures by Mr. Swaggert and his collection of Gradous rifles, I realized that even he has a .308. Since I sold mine, a factory gun, to fund a 6.5mm build, I guess I should consider another .308 in my future because of its versatility and off-the-shelf ammunition...
  19. Sig Marine

    H4350 Available at Natchez

    Just checked Natchez and found H4350/8lbs in stock.
  20. Sig Marine

    Long Range Gun That Shoots 105-109gr Bullets

    One of our local ranges has a varmint shoot that limits bullet weight to 105-109 grains, depending on bullet, where they shoot distances out to 600 yards. I don't know enough about the various small calibers and/or the 6mm or 6.5mm calibers to know which ones would perform and which ones...