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  1. MrSwede

    Indoor Optical Training Aid and fixed parallax?

    So I'm considering an Indoor Optical Training Aid to be able to dryfire/train at home. However. My scope is a 3-12x50 PMII with a fixed parallax. The parallax is set to 300 yards. Does anyone know for a fact if the IOTA would still work? Or do you have to dial parallax down to a bare...
  2. MrSwede

    So, I went to a PRS match instead of shooting.

    AAR with videos in bottom of post. A bit of a follow up to this thread: Spent friday and saturday shooting a 2 day PRS event (Cold Steel). I was an active competitor from 2012 to 2017 until I took a...
  3. MrSwede

    So, I went training instead of shooting.

    I usually go to the range and bellyflop down on the deck, get real comfy and then shoot 50-150 rounds. This despite being an active PRS / practical rifleman for the last 12 years. I haven't really trained that much/gone training that much, I usually focus on shooting, not training. A couple...
  4. MrSwede

    Sako TRG-22 feeding problems

    So I bought my TRG-22 in 2013. I love it to death, but in the last year I have been having problems with regards to feeding. What happens is that every 3rd or 4th round nosedives and creates a failure to feed. This is a problem I have only been having the last year. The rifles has been...
  5. MrSwede

    Range Report Had a good day with the TRG-22

    only one pic and basically just bragging. My TRG has an 18.5" inch barrel With an Ase Utra borelock suppressor on it. No bipod, I shoot from a ruck these days. Just for fun. Took it out to 600 yards while prone on a 16x16 plate, and a 12x12 plate. Then I pulled out the tripod and the pig...
  6. MrSwede

    Need help ID'ing forend

    Allright, so I'm browsing the net when I find this picture. What kind of forend is that? I've got an LR308 with a raised rail myself, and I havent found a forend that matches the height of the upper until now. So, who makes it? Any help much appreciated
  7. MrSwede

    LR308 or .223 AR15?

    Help me out guys, I can't make up my mind here. Here are some background information: - I have access to two ranges, both stretching out about 800 yards. Perhaps 900 if one were to push it, but that aint often. - This will be my first semi-auto precision rifle - I have access to pretty much...
  8. MrSwede

    Will rounds tumble at 100 yards?

    Im trying out some 75/77grs pills in my 223 to see if they fly true or not. But, if they dont, will I see them tumbling at 100 yards or do I need to move farther out to be sure? Thanks
  9. MrSwede

    Range Report Does A-max expand at low velocities?

    According to Hornady, A-max needs 2000fps+ to expand. Atleast thats what they reccomend. I've heard they expand well below 2000fps, but never how low. 1800fps? 1600fps? 1400fps? Anyone have any experience to share?
  10. MrSwede

    Neck sizing oncefired brass from another rifle?

    I recently aquired some once fired brass in 338LM. Until now I've used virgin brass, and I've been necksizing them, so that's what my setup is. (RCBS). But what about the brass that has been fired in another rifle? They aren't fireformed to my chamber, but is there any reason to full length...
  11. MrSwede

    Need help with stray round

    Hi guys, I've loaded up some 125grs Nosler Ballistic Tips to use on deer this season. I'm using a Rem 700 VSF with a Zeiss Conquest 4,5-14x50. Now, with all other ammunition I have used to date this gun has no change in POI from cold bore and onwards. Nato, 155 Scenar, 155 Custom...
  12. MrSwede

    Searching for pic of 16.5" rem700

    I'm looking for a picture of a specific rifle. I'm 99% sure I saw it here some months ago, but I can't find it anymore. It was a Rem 700 PSS with a 16.5" barrel and a suppressor on it. It looked supersweet and I'm contemplating copying the setup. I'm looking for that specific picture, but any...