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  1. sawman556

    Suppressors Help a suppressor novice w/a cover please!

    Hey folks. I'd like to get a cover for my RC2, but don't know much about them. I was thinking TAB Gear, but I'm open to other suggestions??? I can't see anything once this thing gets hot. TAB Gear also makes 4 different ones. Which one do I want? Next question is, do I want to cover the whole...
  2. sawman556

    WTB: Scalarworks Aimpoint Comp M4s 1/3 mount

    I'm looking for a good condition Scalarworks Aimpoint Comp M4s lower 1/3 mount. I have a very good condition Larue LT659-NV mount for the same optic I'd be willing to trade or I can buy your mount outright. Please let me know if you have one you are willing to part with. Email me at...
  3. sawman556

    So help me build my first load thread:

    Background: Barrel: Noveske 14.5" LW SS middy 5.56 7PT Powder: H335 Bullet: Hornady 75gr. HPBT Primers: CCI 400 Brass: Various once fired 5.56, Federal, PMC, LC, Winchester So I have 350 pieces of once fired 5.56 brass ready to roll. It's been tumbled and resized. Primers are out. What's...
  4. sawman556

    Stupid die question???

    Hey y'all. New reloader here. I just finished loading my first 50 rounds of .223 and all went pretty smooth, so I hope! I was just wondering about my RCBS Rockcrusher IV and my RCBS dies. The locking ring with the little brass set-screw doesn't seem to stay tight when I want to switch dies...
  5. sawman556

    Rifle Scopes NF 1-4x illumination question???

    Hey y'all. I have a new NF 1-4x with FC-2 reticle. I knew when I bought it that the illumination would not be T1ish bright but this thing is pretty dim. I've tried different batteries with zero difference. Anyone know if the juice in this thing can be turned up a little at the factory???
  6. sawman556

    Rifle Scopes NF 1-4x: How do I set the zero stop on this thing???

    How do I set the zero stop on this thing??? It doesn't look anything like the directions? What am I missing? Thanks.
  7. sawman556

    Rifle Scopes NF NXS 1-4x FC-2 reticle question????

    Does anyone know the size of the dot and ring on the FC-2 reticle? Thanks, Patrick
  8. sawman556

    Rifle Scopes ID this scope mount please????

    :) pretty please!!!
  9. sawman556

    Rifle Scopes Kahles K16i 1-6x24 30mm

    Can anyone give me their thoughts on this scope? I don't understand the reticle and turrets, is this MOA or mrad? .15??? Is this a good company that stands behind their products? Do they take a beating? Anything you could add would be appreciated.
  10. sawman556

    Gunsmithing Your thoughts wanted on new gas block design???

    So I am designing this new gas block. :) If you're bored and want to catch up with a thread I started on arfcom, I would be grateful. I know there are some damn good machinists in here, so I thought I would ask for your thoughts. What do you think about my new gas block??? - AR15.COM
  11. sawman556

    Help with drag bag for AR-15

    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas??? I have my 4 year old grandson for the week, so I am a happy man!!! Anyway, I am looking for a drag bag for my AR-15. I'm looking at the Triad Precision Rifle Carry Case 42" and the Tac Ops small. I want something that will fit my 18" SPR and not be too...
  12. sawman556

    Rifle Scopes Stupid question of the day

    I warned you. What does this screw do? What happens if you remove it for say a cat-tail?
  13. sawman556

    Triad Tactical???

    Any idea how long Steve has bugged out for? Any date to his return?
  14. sawman556

    Surefire Scout or Mini-Scout for AR

    I'm looking to pick up a new light for an AR-15 this week. I was wondering if those that own a full-size Scout find it too big? Or if you own the mini do you find 110 lumens lacking in power? Is 110 enough to get it done? I wish the small one put out 200. I have a couple 170 X300's but wanted to...
  15. sawman556

    How do you change a thread title?

    Well? Anyone?
  16. sawman556

    Gunsmithing @ AR15 and barrel experts. Barrel question?

    I was thinking of picking up a LT50 SS 18" Lother Walther mid-length gas in .223 Wylde 8 twist polygonal rifling. I want to either cut and crown it at 16.125" or cut to 14.5" and pin and weld muzzle brake. This state requires me to perm attach any muzzle brake on semi's regardless of barrel...
  17. sawman556

    Gunsmithing Best paint for fiberglass stocks?

    I just picked up a new MCS T5A w/ mini-chassis. It's painted dead flat black but I wanted to do a camo pattern on it. I talked to Manners yesterday and they told me not to use H-series Cerakote on it and bake at 180 as was my plan. What would be the best paint and way to go about this? C-series...
  18. sawman556

    Gunsmithing 16.5 " barrel questions

    I want to put a new 16.5" .308 barrel on my Stiller TAC 30 action. I'm looking at a Bartlein #9 heavy varmint. A)1.250 B)5.000 C).900 D) 28" 7.45# Caliber .308 5R Twist 1-10 Length: 30" Finished...
  19. sawman556

    Gunsmithing Can anyone make me a washer???

    Looking for a muzzle brake washer that's stainless steel for 5/8x24. The OD needs to be .860" and .085 thick. Anyone?
  20. sawman556

    Gunsmithing Finishing up my first bolt action

    Well I spent most the summer messing with this thing and now I have it just how I want it. Now I need to Cerakote it. I have some idea of what I want to do but can't make up my mind. I really like a woodland camo but I'm not sure if it would look good on this rifle. So I'm thinking of a...