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    Are you sure it doesn’t just say AL?
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    Any of you east coast guys….

    No I’m in upstate New York. Not really sure on propane my tanks have been full for months.
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    Any of you east coast guys….

    Wow Allentown is a big rest area truck stop before Philly. Not good.
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    Not impressed with ELDX terminal performance

    A hundred yards not many bullets will hold together shot from a rifle. Just my experience.
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    Accessories Extras Clean Out: Bighorn TL3 Barrels (6cm), Long Action AICS Mags, Brakes

    Is the 6.5 saum package for a tl3 also? What contour do you think it is?
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    Why is it always pitt bulls?

    I have a American bully. Not an American bull dog or pit. Every one thinks it’s a pit. Certain people “ adults “ he really dislikes. Kids no problem other dog no issue. The way I see it is like other’s said breeding is terrible. I’ve been bit by more ankle biter’s and so called non aggressive...
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns LvL 2 retention or no?

    For what you are describing for use, definitely some type of security. As far as I’m concerned kydex holsters are only good for inside the waist belt.
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    Disclaimer i know nothing......

    I personally don’t crimp any of my rifle loads. Semi or bolt. With correct neck tension it’s not needed.
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    I bet a good old white supremacist would have got way more then 18 months. Didn’t do nuttin.
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    Accessories Muzzle devices and random stuff

    Money sent for 7.62 charging handle, mpa rat system and nv rail along with the arca rail.
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    SBR b olt action in NY state??

    Exactly what everyone was telling you. No you still need a 16 inch barrel, no matter how long the firearm overall length is.
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    SBR b olt action in NY state??

    Actually you just need to be law enforcement. You have to do the paperwork like any other free state and a couple more loops, but it doesn’t have to be for work use. And law enforcement means cops, prison guards, fire investigation and dog warden. Go figure.
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    At least 10 dead in shooting in Buffalo

    Not buying the racially part. Conklin is just out side of Binghamton. Plenty of not so good areas. Then you have Syracuse a hour away and it’s just as bad as Buffalo. My bet would be deal gone wrong.
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    RMR battery life. What the hell!

    I wish I could help you. I have one on a range toy and one on my carry. For shits and giggles I haven’t changed the battery on my range gun. It’s been three years and still going. And it’s always on. My guess is that you got a lemon. Try trijicon I’m sure they will help you out.
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    Help Me ID This Rifle Please!!

    I’m not a hundred percent positive either. But I can tell you my H.S. 300win has the threads like yours for back up irons and a thick recoil lug.
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    Accessories Sold/223 wylde barrel

    Threaded muzzle?
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    7mag help

    Yes sir Rcbs for sure makes them. I have a set of small base dies for 300win mag.
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    7mag help

    I know my issue was more at the base than the neck. I would try new brass.
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    7mag help

    Was it just the one type of brass or both? That might help to determine the problem. Also was all the brass fired from the same rifle for the once fire or don’t you know. I can tell you I have had problems with buying once fired brass my tight chambered 300 win hates it. I even bought small...