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    LMT Upper and Promocode

    Its lmt buying time and i am trying to stretch the budget a bit. Does anyone have a promo code for Titandefence?
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    Thinking about picking up the LMT MWS LM8. Any downsides to this? Minus the slight mod needed for mlock rail sections. Probably be a just a all round rifle, thinking about a 2.5-10 with a reddot on top
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    FN SPR Build

    Rifle build 1 Well it's been a long time coming but it's finally happening. I installed a take off barrel on a pbr action , checked head space and function with live rounds. All satisfactory. Have not shot it it. Takes a crap ton of torque btw. FN SPR TBM and mag work great so far. Build...
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    FN SPR/Mod 70 Dimensions or CAD

    Does anyone have a 3d scan of a model 70 or fn spr? Or the profile for the inlet. Trying out a small project and this is the first step. Trying my hand out at building the prototype for a chassis chassis.
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    FN SPR/Mod 70 SA cad

    Anyone have a cad model of the fn spr/model 70 short action? Or.maybe a dimensioned drawing? Have a small project I am thinking of starting
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    Model 70/SPR Receiver Wrench

    Hello, Need to spin a barrel onto a model 70 short action. Any recomendation on barrel wrench? The brownells model 70 wrench seems to be out of stock.
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    FN SPR 5 round mags

    I managed to grab some fn spr 5 round steels mags from Brownells. They just ran out, anybody got any other go to places for fn 5rounf mags? This is for the TBM
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    Tripod compatibility with Leofoto LH-55

    Have a newbie to tripod question. Will the leofoto LH-55 ball head for a standard tripod and by standard I mean not not bowl style..specifically will it fit a field optics FT-6852a tripod
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    WTB WTB Leupold MK6 1-6

    Looking to buy a leupold mk6 1-6. Let me know what you guys have
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    Long range or shooters in Santa Maria CA

    As the title says, any of you fine folks in santa maria ca? Or any good places to shoot long range in that area? Will be there for a couple of weeks for work, would be great to get atleast one day of shooting in the sunshine state
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    WTB FN SPR Takeoff Barrel

    Longshot, let me know if you guys have one sitting around.
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    FN SPR TBM vs LRI Bottom Metal

    Hey guys need some advice. Collecting parts to built on two spr actions. About to but the FN TBM conversion but a hard time finding magazines. So three questions 1) any good source for the tbm mags? Either 5 or 10 round. 2) any update on the LRI bottom metal for the SPR? 3( midwest...
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    FN SPR Rebarrel

    Need 2 pipes for 2 FN SPR actions. Would like bartlein but good grief hard to find. Any other brands of barrels that people are having good luck with accuracy wise? Leaning 6.5CM for both and a heavy profile barrel. Not entirely sure of exact contour. Shot often and carried some.
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    Custom eyepiece builders

    Hey guys.anyone know of an cottage companies who build custom "standard " eyepieces for telescopes or spotting scopes. I have a pentax and I love the optical quality but it would be soo much more useful if I had a reticle
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    AI AWSM or AX338

    Hey guys. The "time to buy a rifle bug" has bitten me again. I currently have a AI AE MKII and I would like to add a big brother to the stable. Currently I am leaning toward the sako trg 42 in 338LM. But kinda wondering if the AWSM and AX 338 can be had ,used, at a similar price point. I think...
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    TRG 42 or TRG22 Dual Ejectors?

    Remind me again, was it just the TRG22 which started making dual ejector bolts or was that the TRG 42. Or vice versa
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    FN SPR/Model 70 actuon blue prints or dimensions.

    Does anyone know where I may be able to find the dimensions for the fn spr/model 70 short action. If someone has a cad model that be even better , be willing to pay for the model. Working on a small project.
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    Win Mod70 Extractor Tuning

    Hey all. Does anyone have any experience with increasing or decreasing the extractor tension on the mod70 claw. I have a 270 mod 70 classic and the rounds don't stay snapped into the extractor on feeding and sometimes get oriented sideways. In fact every so often the rounds have their rim in the...
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    Accessories WTB FN SPR Chrome Barrels and LR-308 barrel's

    Title says all of it really. Looking for a couple take off barrels from FN SPRs and a LR-308 barrel. Let me.know what you good folks have. Thanks
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    Semi-Auto 308 Build Rubber City BCG

    Building a semi auto 308. After much consternation I decided to not skimp on the BCG. Thought being I can tolerate a not accurate barrel, since a barrel is a consumable. So with that being said thoughts on RUbber City Arsanel BCG? How do they do in comparison to say KAC or LMT. Or am i...